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mamandemai Posts: 269
Hi Here s DD2 s birth story - I loved reading others so I promised myself that I ll put my one up ! DD1 was born by section due to failure to progress in 2010, she was a honeymoon baby and the pregnancy , even though I had preeclampsia and was sick all the time went well. DH was looking after me , and I felt like the most precious human being during those 9 months . As soon as I saw her face, I knew I wanted another one. 2 years later, we started trying again, however it took us a bit longer and we fell pregnant after 9 months of trying. This really shocked me as I hadn't thought it would take us so long , based on DD1 . I then cherished that pregnancy even more than for DD1, as I felt so grateful to have been given another chance . I was So so sick for 9 months, vomitting blood on a regular basis, crying a lot because of the hormones, and a bad case of SPD to finish off! I kept on saying that I could not wait for it to end , as the last 3 months were so tough. Was offered option of a section for 31st December , which I took, based on my fear of going over dates and having scar issue - however I stated that if baby would come naturally before the scheduled date , I'd try for a vbac. Christmas came and went , and it was time for the new baby to come. We dropped DD1 to relatives the day before the section appointment , and spent that last evening going through the baby bag, clothes etc with DH. Arrived really early at Rotunda on Tuesday am, to be told we were scheduled first . We were brought to a room with 4 other beds, 1 being already occupied,and 2 with some new mums to be getting ready for the section also. After putting on my gown, I fell asleep on the bed ( hadn't slept much the night before)). The nurse then came to collect us , and I started to get really nervous about the surgery ...I wanted to cancel everything! Met the anaesthesist in a little cubicle, started to cry when he was kindly explaining the procedure ... Then was brought up to be prepped , and basically had a mini panic attack and started to cry uncontrollably . Midwife and anaesthesist were SO good and kind and really calmed me down, without ever being patronising . Then the procedure started, and DH ws brought in. I started to feel sick and wanted to vomit, and staff couldn't have been nicer. Then I heard DD2 first cries and all changed! I was just elated, the happiest mum in the world. Was given 10mn of real skin to skin , ( this didn't happen with DD1) , and then DH was invited to dress her. I loved the fact that we weren't rushed out, and that the staff worked with us to make it such a special experience rather than an operation . As the recovery room was full, we stayed in the theatre room and I could see my beautiful Baby ( was sent to recovery room on my own for DD1). We were wheeled back to my room, and I could hold DD2 (had an awful case of the shakes on DD1).when I was transferred to my bed, the nurse lifted DD2 off my chest, and DD2 retaliated by pulling the nurses hair and screaming - we knew we had a mammy s girl on our hands then :-) Now we re back home and she's sleeping on my chest, all warm and cuddly . Wishing you the best for your new arrivals!
sophiemae Posts: 109
Thanks for sharing your story Mamandemai, and what a lovely ending it has :) Sounds like you had a tough time of it, you poor pet. Enjoy the lovely baby snuggles x
little squishy Posts: 559
Well here's mine: At 36 weeks my blood pressure started to go a tiny bit up, so I was seeing my consultant every week to monitor this. It always seemed to settle down after each time I had a trace so nothing to worry about. Started mat leave at 37&4 and was expecting a few weeks of rest, lunch and catching up with all my friends! So on the Friday i was 38&6 weeks and went into town to meet my friend. My hands and feet were extremely swollen but this was the norm, but when I met my friend (who's a midwife) she started asking how I was feeling and asked why my eye was bloodshot! IWell here's mine: At 36 weeks my blood pressure started to go a tiny bit up, so I was seeing my consultant every week to monitor this. It always seemed to settle down after each time I had a trace so nothing to worry about. Started mat leave at 37&4 and was expecting a few weeks of rest, lunch and catching up with all my friends! So on the Friday i was 38&6 weeks and went into town to meet my friend. My hands and feet were extremely swollen but this was the norm, but when I met my friend (who's a midwife) she started asking how I was feeling and asked why my eye was bloodshot! I just shrugged and said it must be my contact lenses. So she kept at me to go in to labour ward to get BP checked. I refused as I wasn't going to waste there time, but said to keep her off my case I'd go to my gp. Gp did test ad everything was fine. Great. But she would have to call labour ward to see what they thought. I knew I was goin to have to go in. Really didnt want to, as I knew I'd just be checked out and everything would be fine... So in I went and my urine was checked again and showed a trace of protein. My consultant was called in. I expected him to say that he wanted me to stay for a night for observation, but next he drops that I would be staying in but also that I would be induced on Tuesday!!!! I could be pre eclampsia, I burst out crying. Don't ask me why I was so upset it's just I thought I'd have a few weeks to prepare and get pains and wonder if it was labour have bath ect ect ect.. Sorry ill push on with the actually labour bit now! So on the Monday at 1:30pm i got my first set of gel. Which I found very stingy! Felt nothing after, Got a trace which show babies heart rate was racing. This was worrying but turns out I was dehydrated so ha to be put on a drip. This slowed it right down had second gel at 10pm. Dh stayed till 1am. Started getting cramps but drifted in out of sleep. Next morning at 7 had breaky and got ready and was brought down to induction room. I was first in. Consultant came in, I thought he was going to examine me but next thing midwife asked I I wanted to hold her hand, I wondered why.. Next thing he popped my waters! Not a bit uncomfortable tg! Was on drip so literally boom started getting serious contractions. Got the gas and air which was great but only took off edge and i wasn't getting a break between contractions. midwife turned drip right down and examine me, I was 5cm after 10min!!!! So booked for ep. I started getting really strong ones at this point and i just remember not knowing what to do-to stand, to rock, to walk, so i sat on edge of bed, this didnt help, dh didnt know what to do either but next thing my mom popped in to see me (shes a doc in hospital so was allowed in) she saw me mid contraction and just grabbed my head and stuck it under her chin and held my forehead and face. ill never forget it for as long as i live, it just made me focus, relax and got me through the next three. Something only a mom can do. It was so funny, she pointed at my dh and told him to do very same and it really really helped! It took 40min to get epi and I know I was prob near 10cm as I was in a good bit of pain at this stage, but def could deal with it. five min after I received it I felt like I wanted to push. ( Very weird feeling i just knew i had to) I could still feel all the pressure and a bit of pain but just no mad mad pain. So midwife examined again and I was 10c. So she said to wait a bit to let head get further down, so 15 min later started to push. Just found it so odd. It was so hard! I was thinking I'd do one big push then wait a minute and then another but hell no they made me push and keep pushing, no breaks! So after about five min I decided I would take a break. It was very funny in my head, i didn't say anything I just decided I was taking control and If I didn't want to push I didn't have to. So there was silence, then I heard them mention heart rate and that really got my focus back. My consultants weapon of choice was forceps so I knew if I didn't get a grip and get pushing... Anyway rambling now, five good big pushes later head was nearly out beginning to crown and my midwife showed me with a mirror, I could not believe my eyes how far the head was down cause it felt like the baby kept moving back up after every push. So the that have me real drive and two pushes later out popped the head. I blew really slow breaths out and the rest of my gorgeous little boy just came out by himself! I took him under his arms as he came and could not believe my eyes when I saw his little boy bits! It was the most amazing experience of my life. I was very very lucky to have such a good labour and I didn't need any stitches I didn't even have a graze. Hope I didn't ramble on toooo much!!!
Belle28 Posts: 260
Aw congrats on your little boy , lovely story , Wish people would post a few more stories here !! Best of luck with everything x
McDaisy Posts: 917
Congrats little squishy! Sounds like a great experience and such a positive induction story!
RosesAreRed28 Posts: 50
I loved reading these when I was pregnant but never got around to posting my story. DS is 16 months old now and we're trying for another. I'm living in the States so sorry if some of the terms etc are different. So here's my story. It's long and it was a difficult birth, sorry! I sailed through my pregnancy, felt fantastic except for a bit of morning sickness. But by 36 weeks I was huge and the Dr had a hard time feeling baby because my belly was so hard. I was sent for a scan to check fluid levels. Sure enough, I had polyhydramnios, which is excess fluid. During the same scan, they measured one of the arteries in baby's heart as too small so I was sent to the pediatric cardiologist for a more detailed scan of his heart. We were terrified something was wrong of course but the Dr didn't seem worried as the measurement was just below normal. That put our minds at ease a little. The polyhydramnios carries some risk so I was trying not to worry about that too. I had to go for non-stress tests twice a week in addition to my appointments. At 38 weeks, my stretch marks started to get very painful so they were keeping an eye on those. A couple of days later they decided to schedule an induction for my due date because of the fluid issue and my stretch marks were getting worse. The following day I started having contractions every 5 to 10 minutes. They weren't very painful but definitely uncomfortable and baby didn't seem to like them. He would kick like crazy after each one. This started at 8pm one night and continued through the night. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep so I went in and got checked out. I was 2cm dilated and they told me it was early labour. I went home and the contractions stopped by afternoon, just to start up again that evening. I went through a couple more days of this and went back in. No more progress so they gave something to help me sleep and sent me home. I was scheduled to be induced in three days but they thought I'd go before then. I had a hot whiskey and some paracetamol instead of the sleep meds and actually slept that night. I went through the same thing the next two days with contractions. It's called prodromal labor and it's pure torture. By the time induction day came, I couldn't wait to have my baby! I went in at 8pm and got the gel. Contractions picked up straight away but no progress after 4 hours so they decided to try manual dilation. It is as painful as it sounds! They put a little bulb in the cervix and inflate it gradually. Boy did I regret agreeing to that. Instantly, my pain level went from a 3 to an 8. Contractions were on top of each other and it was all in my pelvis and back. Poor DH didn't know what to do with me. I stuck it out for two hours, then asked for an epidural. The epi was heaven! I was 4cm at that stage. I was able to doze a bit and felt no pain, just tightening. I could even move my legs. A few hours later, I was at 7cm and that's where I stalled, unfortunately. They gave me a couple more hours but couldn't break my water because of the polyhydramnios. There's a risk of cord prolapse. It broke eventually but the baby's heart rate became more irregular. The nurses were flipping me from side to side trying to regulate it, which made the epi patchy. Then I developed a fever. It was only at this point that I started to worry. Just shows how amazing my nurses were, and DH too. He's an anesthesiologist (anaesathist) and knew there were problems but he was so cool, I had no idea how serious it all was. The decision was made to do an emergency c-section. I was absolutely petrified but DH went and had a talk with the Anesthesia team and OB's. They were amazing and really tried to put me at ease. They topped up my epi and got started. That time waiting was awful and I was shaking and crying, DH by my side. But then I heard "It's a boy!", saw a little hand come over the drape and DS cried. My God, was that the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard! Happiest moment of my life and I still tear up just thinking about it! All my anxiety, fears, everything just melted away. He weighed 7 lbs 12oz and was 20 inches long. They cleaned him up and the surgeons finished up. Then put him in my arms as they wheeled me back to my room. Such a magical time! Getting up and about was hard after 18 hours of labour and the surgery but they made sure I had no pain . Some perks to hubby's job haha. I was surprised by how quickly I recovered after. I was blessed with a quiet baby, which helped a lot. He had a scan at two weeks which showed a perfectly normal heart so all that worry was for nothing. Now he's a big, happy, healthy boy and I'm ready to do it all over again haha. Thanks for reading, if anyone made it to the end. I know it's a lot of detail but I wanted to share because it was my worst fear to have a c-section but it all worked out in the end.
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michellesligo Posts: 3
Sharing my story because you hear a lot of horror stories & I felt labour was no where near as bad as I expected. At 38+5 my midwife thought my baby was breech & said bump hadn't grown in 2 weeks so made consultant appointment for following thursday (39+4). This was to be the first time I would see a doctor during pregnancy, all midwife led till this point. 39+2, I went to bed feeling fine. Had just got hubby to help me do perineum massage because I found it awkward to do myself...wish I'd done it more. I never get up at night for loo, even while pregnant but I woke at 2.30 and went for a wee...I was suspicious. Got back in bed, thought I felt bit of cramp then felt some fluid come out, back out to loo, more fluid came out. Put a pad on & got back in bed. Hubby woke up! Within half hour I'd been out to loo couple times & contractions had started. Tried to go back to sleep but contractions were uncomfortable fairly quickly. Eventually got up & had a bath. Stayed in there as long as I could then went down stairs for bounce on ball & rang hospital. I was told to come in when I was ready. Vomited a couple of time & found going on the floor on all fours, shoulders down & bum in the air most comfy during contraction. We headed into hospital at 8 am, now having contractions every 4 mins. As I'd always planned a water birth I went straight to birthing centre in hospital rather than labour ward. Midwife also queried breech so I was sent to triage for scan & sure enough she was bum down. I was prepared for emergency section but then moved to labour ward room so consultant could examine me. This was 10.30 am & I was a good 5 cm. He said as I was progressing well I could try to have vaginal delivery. I asked to be examined at 12.30 & thankfully I was fully dilated. The consultant was going to do delivery because she was breech. He said it would be hour or two before I'd want to push & out she came bum first at 3.14pm. The contractions were painful but not unbearable. As they got stronger the pain was going out to my hips & later down my thighs. I had my hubby or cousin massage the hell out of them during contraction. I was very quiet through out the whole thing concentrating on my breathing. I'd start by blowing out for as long as I could then a long deep breath in & slowly out for as long as poss. I used gas & air, found it ok, more of a distraction than anything. The pushing was not painful but hard work. Took me a while to figure out what I was doing. Felt stupid that I didn't know how to push at start! The encouragement of hubby & midwife was great during this time. I needed an episiotomy. Getting stitched up I admit was worse than labour but thankfully you have your baby at that point. Do lots of perineal massage ladies. Had skin to skin for ages after & delayed cord clamping. Good luck anyone reading this who is yet to do it...remember you will & can do it :)
I do photography Posts: 3
[quote:1c8ysbyp]michellesligo[/quote:1c8ysbyp]Lovely story!