Birth Story - No Epidural

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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi girls going to start TTC next month :o)ll i cant wait. Anyway i have done a fair bit of research on epidurals and other pain relief. I would love to hear birth stories from girls who havent had an epidural. How did you cope, what pain relief did you use. Has anyone successfully used counterpressure, reflexology, breathing, TENS, up until the end? I heard the gas and air makes you feel drunk and weird, does it? Does the pethidene make you feel the same. Thanks girls.
EVIE78 Posts: 687
Hi I had no epidural on my 2 babys. My births were easy enough did not use the gas as it made me sick . Got pethidine on my first felt like Iwas drunk. I found standing up and walking a great help. On my second baby, the pain was all in my back, the only relief I got was standing in a really hot shower. I dialiated very quickly on both from2cm to ten cm in about 45 mins. Also the midwifes are great , but with having a baby always go in with a open mind. If I hadnt dialiated very quickly i probably would of got the epidural.
luigi Posts: 867
Hiya, My birth story is down below and if you read (dont though!) that you'll probably vote epidural. But, I would never have asked for one if I had have had a quick labour. 17 hours in I asked and was refused and ended up with an episiotomy with no pain relief so seriously dont just say no to pain relief- keep an open mind. I had to have a spinal block anyway after my baby was born as I tore very badly so if I had have had the epi I could have been stitched straight away. Pethadine is rubbish. Personally would not bother with it- it made me fall asleep in between contractions until it wore off. I took it early on, but didnt take anymore. Gas and Air doesnt take the pain away it just distracts you- but it is very good. Dont refuse the epi- go into labour openly. Try and do it with Gas and Air but dont beat yourself up if you dont manage. Hope to help. Louise
twinssep Posts: 1242
hi there i ust wanted to say that i had anepidural on1st dd and emergency section for my twins the best bot of advice i ever got was from a idwife she said if u need i take what i suppose she means after 2 births is that with the best laid plans none of us know how r labours will go so i say dont rule anythingnout good luck to u O-O
sunflowers26/09/07 Posts: 512
I would go in with any open mind, I had my labour induced which is much more painful as the pain hits you straight away. I had the epidural when I got to 3cm, only took gas and air while they were putting in the eipidural. The gas and air was great, made me feel like I had about 5 large vodkas. However for me it took over an hour and 13 attempts before the needle went in. Saying that if I am lucky to have baby new two I will be looking for it early on. Best of luck with everything O-O
luigi Posts: 867
I love to hear the reasons behind the No votes, as all the girls so far that have commented have said to go in with an open mind so the No votes would be a good read. Especially if they have come from girls with good labour experiences as us girlies can always do with hearing some of those happy stories!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks girls i will go in with an open mind. My reason for not wanting it is that my MIL had one on my DH and she has very bad back pain which was blamed on the epi, plus from what i can see it slows down labour. My sis had it at 1pm they said the baby would be born in around 2 hours as she was dilating fast. After she had it , she fell asleep and the labour slowed, she had her DS at 9pm ! I know that until labour starts i wont know how i will cope, but i would love to hear ways others coped. An epi would be the last thing , if i couldnt stand the pain. Luigi i read your story last night, you poor thing that must have been awful. :action32
asia Posts: 51
Hi I agree with the girls, i have 2 boys and they were both natural no pain relief labours. Went in with an open mind had heard all the usual horror stories had myself up to 90, The contractions are painful but bareable, i found gas and air and deep breaths best, After both births i was able to get up myself and have a shower. Best of luck hope everything goes really well!!!!
birdielips Posts: 342
God Its been so long since ive logged on here!! I had ds in Aug no pain relief. early labour I used warm showers and hot water bottles, they helped while the contractions werent as strong. I felt them intesifying so I put on tens (dont leave this till youre in agony, you need to build up the strength of the waves slowly for it to have proper effect) was in labour from around 4am, went to hospital at 12pm, baby born at 4.30pm. Arrived at reception and was left waiting for ages bec they didnt think I was too far along as I was joking away and in good form, then I asked to go to toilet and felt like I really had to do no 2!! thought nothing of it and when they did examine me I was almost fully dialated so for me I doubt if I could have gotten an epidural anyway! If you want to go natural then I would advise doing an active birth workshop, you can get details on web, it was great for advice on positions and was also a nice relaxing day. I felt very confident after doing it and my dh was well able to help on the day bec they are well briefed on what helps and what doesnt! I also read a book called birthing from within, written by a midwife and mother, might be a bit hippyish for some but again I found it really great. Labour isnt called labour for nothing, its the hardest thing youll ever do but its made easier if you stay positive and think of what youll get at the end. I found hearing newborn babies on the labour ward cry helped spur me on bec all I knew is that I wanted to hear that cry from my baby and each contraction was getting me closer. I knew I wanted a natural birth for both me and the baby but in saying that I wasnt going to refuse pain relief if I really needed it. (I was about to take gas and air but then got it into my head that id be sick so refused it, midwife thought I was mad and was slagging me later!) I didnt have an easy time towards end bec babys shoulder got stuck and my God was that agony - that song burning ring of fire was playing in my head all the time, took 5 midwifes to dislodge him but hes fine TG!!! I needed stitches and they gave me pain killers for that. My baby was 9lbs by the way and Im a slight build so the size has no bearing on whether you can do it or not. When I go again Id still try for natural, the only thing Id change is Id stay active and not lie on my back - its a terrible way to deliver and the reason (most likely) that baby got stuck - I was just so tired so plenty of sleep in the run up to due date essential. I do know if you are induced or if contractions are coming very close together then you might need something bec you havnt time to recover from pain but trust your instincts and youll know if you need it or not. Sorry for long post and best of luck, hope all goes well and you get the birth you want!
luigi Posts: 867
Thats a really positive story Birdielips. It just reminded me to add that early labour really isnt intolerable! I did even know I was in labour for the first hour- like you I was dilated 2cm before I even really knew, although it slowed a lot for me then. Also want to add to your active labour part too- I thoroughly recommend rocking the birthing ball in the room to any mums-to-be I got through almost to transition with this and barely any G&A. The ball is brilliant. Also i've mentioned in my birth-story than i'm very slight and it lead to problems for me, I have CPD where the baby was too large for my pelvis- but like you say your build isnt always a factor to a difficult birth- your pelvis can be large even if you're small. Unfortunately mine wasnt. But again this only happens in 1 in 250 births - so good odds I suppose (a stat from my labour debriefing!)