birthday cake prices

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lightscribe Posts: 112
Anyone know average price for an iced birthday cake with a personalised design.. i've gotten a price of €50 for a 10" choc biscuit cake, i'm not sure if thats good or bad
28-sept-10 Posts: 1832
im not sure?? i usually get 14'' fresh cream from superquinn for around 30 euro.. what size cake are you getting quoted for??
lightscribe Posts: 112
10", i know from seeing the list of ingredients for a chocolate biscuit cake recipe before that they are expensive.. so maybe its not bad
kaifer Posts: 236
Ooh, if you are based in Dublin I'll put in a plug for my sister!! She makes cakes for birthdays and occasions, it's still more of a hobby rather than anything but she's getting more and more repeat orders each month. Plus her cakes are gorgeous, but sure I would say that!! Her most popular cake would be a rich chocolate cake with ganache icing. With personalised icing and for 10 inches it would be about €40.
lightscribe Posts: 112
Thanks kaifer :) i'm based in the west though
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
If you're getting a cake that isn't covered in sugarpaste icing I think €40-50 would be accurate for a 10 inch chocolate biscuit. If it's a cake with sugarpaste and that kind of design I'd say that is very cheap, the sugarpaste is expensive and takes a lot longer to decorate a cake with it so costs a lot more. If it's a sugarpaste covered cake you're looking for PM me and I can recommend a few different people in the West, depending on if it's kids cake, adults, etc.