Birthday Present for Brother's 30th - HELP PLEASE

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Duncelt Posts: 460
Hi all Its my brother's 30th next week and I'm in a real dilema as to what to get him. He's had a tough time the past few years as he was diagnosed with a brain tumour 5 years ago. He has just finished Chemo and got great results 2 weeks ago. i.e. the chemo worked and he's been told to "go and live his life". Anyway, he doesn't drink due to seizures or have a hectic social life for the same reasons. I'd like to get him something special but am really stuck. Any ideas?
brightling Posts: 1496
What is your budget?? How about a nice night away for himself and partner? A Topgift voucher? A Nintendo Wii, thats what my sis got me for my 30th and I was shocked! Not expected at all!
Duncelt Posts: 460
I don't mind spending a couple of hundred. they are going on holidays in september so not sure about a night away. Might have look though and see what offers there are.
Sumire Posts: 136
Hiya When my brother turned 30 i made him a photo album of his life & his was delighted with it, 2 years later he is still showing it of. It's not expensive but takes a bit of effort trawling through old photos, but well worth it in the end. HTH
shoppergal Posts: 1179
Do you have a nice family photo or one of the two of you that could be put on canvas? Is there anything that he's always wanted to do but he's missed out on due to illness? Maybe one of the days out from topgifts like a motor racing day or a trip in a hot air balloon, those sort of things. It may be too "normal" but a nice watch is always a lovely present I think.
Duncelt Posts: 460
Thanks everyone for your replies. I got the thinking cap on last night and finally decided on booking himself and his fiance away for 3 nights in Krakow. He's big in to history so I know he'd love to visit the concentration camp. Can't wait to give it to him now.