Biscuit cake disaster

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Jam3114 Posts: 3
Hi, first time posting :-) I'm trying to make a 12" square biscuit cake for wedding. I have eaten plenty but never tried to make one myself. I used odlums recipe and made 4 times the amount to fill the tin. I left it out to cool for a few houre and then I put it in the fridge for 24 hours. When I got it out of the tin there's an awful lot of what appears to be fatty deposits in any gaps :-( I don't know what I did wrong. Used dairy milk chocolate for the recipe. I cut through it to see what centre was like and ut seems ok but how can I avoid the fatty residue ???
galwaybride16 Posts: 174
What ingredients did you use? Are you sure it's fatty?
Jam3114 Posts: 3
225g Cadburys chocolate, 275g butter, 400g biscuits and 150ml golden syrup. I'd describe it as if it was the fat that rises up when you leave a bowl of gravy to cool. It doesn't make it taste any different just not appealing looking.
galwaybride16 Posts: 174
That's strange. I've never heard of that before...I would could it have been the butter? I usually use avonmore unsalted butter.
Jam3114 Posts: 3
I suppose it does look a bit like butter that was melted and hardened. Maybe like it split, I'm no baker though ;-)
Cakeybride Posts: 96
Hi there. Sounds like there is slightly too much butter in the mix. I don't use the Oldums recipe but I have used my friends recipe for years and it's delicious. She uses half the amount of butter to the chocolate (so 300 grammes of chocolate would be 150 grammes of butter). Anyways, anything with butter is always good and as you say, it tastes absolutely fine so what I would suggest is melting some chocolate and then pour the chocolate over the top of the cake while it's still in the tin...this will create a top for the cake so you won't see the butter. (Are the sides ok? - if not......could you cover the whole cake with some chocolate or chocolate ganache?) And also, once the cake comes to room temperature, the butter will have softened so you shouldn't be able to see it. HTH
melfort Posts: 43
I would guess this is to do with the chocolate you have used. Cadbury's chocolate isn't made to use in cooking. I have been making choclate biscuit cake for years and have done it for a number of weddings (buying the ingredients for my own at the moment). I generally use a mix of 70% and 34% chocolate (buy it in Lidl or Aldi as it's much cheaper) and the same amount of butter and I've only ever had the fatty deposits once. This was because I put it into the fridge straight away. You were right to leave it to cool before putting it into the fridge. Even if it's there you can scrape it off, it should only be at the top of the cake and won't affect the taste inside. I would follow Cakeybride's advice and put a fresh layer of chocolate on top, but be warned this may break off when you cut it.
yumyumcake Posts: 293
This mainly occurs usually when the butter mix is heated too much, basically it has separated and the fatty deposits have risen to the surface, same as gravy as you say.. Also the choice of dairy milk is a bad one which would have contributed to the issue as it is a low cocoa solids chocolate which means more fat, it is not a suitable chocolate for re-melting but as you have it made then you may as well use what you have, just scrape off the visible fat bits and it will be fine.