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jmeath Posts: 5740
Hi all, i'm just looking for some advice. I have 15 kids coming to our wedding. I have 6 young cousins on my mams side (aging from 4 - 9 at the moment) and 3 young cousins on my dads side (aging from 5 - 8 at the moment).... On mams side one is my godson and is doing page boy with my little brother and 2 are girls and they're flower that leaves 3 boys there and also then there are 3 young boys oon my dads side.... Then h2b has 2 nieces + 1 nephew (thoe youngest is being flowergirl with my 2 cousins).... I want to try invole the rest in the day... So we have 8 to try involve.... I was thinking of having 5 of them do Prayers of The Faithful and 2 giving out booklets outside the church...that leaves 1 what job can i give them? I havent even had a proper chat with h2b, i know he thinks if we use kids for all the readings we will be there all day hence why i want them to do a POTF!!! I was fine just picking friends and stufffor POTF but then my cousin whos 9 (his sister is doing flowergirl) asked why wasnt he "ring boy" (as he called it because he had done it before when he was only 3 and did a great job so i felt so i'd love to involve him as he was 1st born on my mams side after me when i was 13 and it was a great novelty bringing him for walks and i babysat him for years and his sister when she was born....he also asked his mam the oteher day why i'd asked his sister and not him, he said he wants to do a speech so she just said ok to him to keep him quiet but he'll only be 11 so i doubt he even understands whtat a speech would be!!!!! I'm afraid only asking him will cause agro. I havent asked anyone on my dads side to do anything except my eldest cousin...and if i start involving 2 or 3 in readings of course i have to try involve them all....maybe i'd be best to just pick who we want rather than trying to please all the parents!!.........Arrrggghhh!!!!
milis Posts: 7998
I'd be wary of having ALL kids doing POTF, might be a good idea to sprinkle a couple of adults in (just to make sure they all get to the alter :o0 ) Are you having corsages? If you are a couple of them could give them out at the back of the church! If any of them can sing they could do the responsorial psalm, or one of the communion songs. Can't think of anything else just now.
monkeybear Posts: 1926
I think its lovely to include the kids so they will hopefully behave themselves, if they feel they have an important job Are you haveinf confetti cones? you could get 2 of them to hand some out
jmeath Posts: 5740
I don't know how to do a doble quote so.... Milis...dont think any of them would sing but i was thinking the prayers of the faitful are only a line or 2 so its not too long for headswrecked and i know it shouldn't be i just dont want my aunties and uncles giving out behind my back saying "why is both their kids gettting something and only 1 of mine etc....." monkeybear...i never thought of confetti.... i wonder if we're lalowed have it, i think theres edible one so the birds eat it afterwards... i could have 2 doing that, 2 giving out booklets and maybe 1 with a few buttonholes and then thats 5 of the 8 and could do Milis' idea of having a couple of kids doing POTF but an adult or 2 aswell.. Thanks doesnt seem so bad now!!! Still open to suggestions!!!