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gaby Posts: 455
Just wondering if anyone else has felt this.Im only 6wks 3d pregnant and totally freaked out that i will miscarry.Its our first and planning to tell mums tonight (mine keeps asking why ive stopped eating certain foods)just have the feeling that while only we know all will be well but if we tell them ill have one. Am i mad!!!or is just normal worries :o( :o(
chicam Posts: 1169
Don't worry, you won't be the only person in the world to have felt like this - you just have to stay as positive as you can, rest as much as you can and try to not think of the whole miscarriage thing. I know it happens and so does everyone else, but the majority of pregnancies go fine so keep that in the forefront of your mind! I found out I was pg at 8 weeks and worried until about 13 weeks but I also tried to not let it ruin the early days - don't forget to enjoy the experience and enjoy telling people too! Good luck O-O
gaby Posts: 455
Thanks for the reply. know im being a little silly but maybe its that im so tired today that its playing on my mind. When i was at doc on Tue having it confirmed i asked him adout it and he said that 1 in 7 end in miscarrige but that means that there are 6 healthy births. Will still tell them tonight dont think i can skirt the whole avoiding foods thing much longer and God forbid anything happens at least ill have them around to support me as DH works away from home. Good luck :thnk :thnk
whackywoman Posts: 1496
don't worry that is perfectly normal. You will probably worry about the baby at various times during the pregnancy, are they healthy etc and then when they are born you just worry about everything else >:o) >:o) hope the pregnancy goes well
newone Posts: 1714
I don't think that when you tell people will affect the outcome of your pg. You might even be more relaxed when you have your mum to confide in. Good luck!!
steen Posts: 1335
I think a bit of support from your mom might be just the thing. I have told the people closest to me and it is a relief, take a lot of pressure off :o)ll
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hey its normal to worry. I was anxious up until 13 weeks and then I realaxed, until last week as I had my scan coming up and then I was bit worried again. Really its not something you have control over so its better to just try and take it as calm as possible as I am sure this is much better for babs too!!
gaby Posts: 455
Thanks for the replies. :thnk Told the mums and 2days on still pregnant. Ur right do feel alot better.and having my mum to talk is been great. DH is as freaked out as i am so he was no good to me!!!!But hes really trying. arent mums great.and all the girls on here. :thnk :thnk