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geeklover Posts: 831
Folks, Talk to me, is the ju ju be really worth it? (Only answer if you're going to say yes!! :o0 :o0 ) I was looking at the pacapod too, I don't really need an expensive changing bag (one came as part of the travel system I got) BUT I have some family coming over from the States and there's some juju bes on offer on Amazon and they could bring it back for me! :o)ll :o)ll SO, I know I don't need convincing but give me some love on the subject of the super ju ju be!!
MrsSoprano Posts: 507
I'm in :heartbeat: with my Ju Ju Be. They are so so cute and practical. I have the Be All, a Be Quick and a Be Light. I love the Be All and you really should treat yourself to a Be Quick as well as you can have a few nappies and a pack of wipes in there and just pull the little bag out when you have to skoot off to the loo for a nappy change. For the few quid extra, its really worth it. Which one are you going for??
geeklover Posts: 831
OOOOOHHHHHH!!! The excitment!!! I've gone for the Be All too! DP was overwhelmed by the Youtube video I showed him of all the pockets, not! :-8 I've actually already bought a folding up changing mat thing with wipes case with space for nappies (my ability for words is escaping me), so I'll stick with that, rather than buying another one (would be murdered I'd imagine!). Think I'm having a palpatation and peeing myself with excitment at the same time!!!!
MrsSoprano Posts: 507
Oh you will love it! I don't think they are as big as I imagined, but they are a good size and you'll fit everything you need in it. I think at the start I was trying to fit everything but the kitchen sink in my change bag. But once I figured out that the baby really didn't need 10 nappies and 3 bottles for a trip to the supermarket, it all sorted itself out ;-) Enjoy!!
Emme Posts: 4735
Its the kinda thing that now I'm a sahm and we're on one income and I have a bit more sense where it comes to what shops tell you you need (baby wipe warmer anyone?) and what you do actually need if I had to buy everything from scratch for this baby there would be a huge difference in the amount of sh1te I buy and how much I would spend. But, I was only talking to DH about this the other day and the three things I would still splash out on would be the JuJu be all, the Belly Bandit, and Lionheart Slumber Bear! The Juju will do you for a lifetime of child rearing and unless you're an absolute disaster minding things will be something you can pass on to others practically as good as the day it arrived when you're finished with it. I adore it, worth every penny!
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
i had the juju be all, never really liked it and now have a pacapod which is way way better i think. our ju ju be has been sitting in the wardrobe practically unused except for the first few weeks. just found it very awkward and floppy and things get all muddled up. pacapod is one of he best inventions ever IMO!!!
wollysocks Posts: 1773
Sorry to hijack the thread but I always wonder when I read similar threads. I am expecting my second baby and I never really 'got' all these designer changing bag thing...I'm wondering what I'm missing! What is so amazing about bags like these? I got a changing bag with my travel system- bog standard black bag with a zip and a few pockets. It came with changing mat- but I bought a nicer one. All I carry in the bag is change of Clothes,nappies,wipes and nappy sacks. In outer pockets- little pack of tissues, hand sanitiser. When baby was older, I threw in bananas etc... I found the bag was grand- I breastfed so I never needed to bring bottles and formula- do you think these bags are more if you need to bring bottles out with you? Or is it just to have a nice looking bag?I think any bag can be a changing bag really once everything is in it...
wollysocks Posts: 1773
sorry!-double post..
bellababy Posts: 72
Wollysocks I think it's for if you are bringing bottle with you. I think I'm just going to buy the JU Ju be ladies I don't need to be talked into it!!
BusyMom Posts: 717
Check out - a friend of mine just bought a Be All from there for less than €90 including postage! Geeklover - What one are you buying on Amazon? I too have a way to get them back from the US but can't see many better deals on there!