Black bridesmaid dress

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argus Posts: 21
black seems to be the new colour for bridesmaids - thinking about it for my wedding . are many people having black dresses?? What does your mother think?
sligogirl Posts: 478
I am having Black Bridesmaids dresses, My mammy thinks its a lovely idea. However she did say to me not to have black ties, crafats on the lads. I was not planning on it anyway. Last time my brothers, h2b, daddy wore a black tie was for my grandads funeral 2 years ago (her father). I do agree that the ties are for funerals ONLY. only my opinion, each to their own. I have not ordered them yet but def going with Black
Astra Posts: 1409
I've been to 3 weddings where the BMs wore black and it looked stunning. It looked so well against the white.
Bellagio Posts: 129
I think black bridesmaids dresses look classy and stylish. Was thinking about it myself. Simple too. I'd say the photos would be great, especially the black and white ones. :D
smurf Posts: 755
Must admit, I wouldn't like black myself.
dixiechick Posts: 160
I'm having black bm dresses. My own mum and my future mother in law have their doubts but what do they know about what's in fashion! I think they will be pleasantly surprised! :lol:
Squigs Posts: 101
We have gone for Charcoal, they are lovely, very classy looking. My Mum was with us when we were looking and loved it as well.
xmas28/12/06 Posts: 40
I was thinking myself that black BM would be very stylish and suit all the girls complextions. I'm getting married at Christmas and I'm so sick of looking at red/wine bridesmaid dresses at recent weddings that I swore I would definately go with something different. Since its Christmas think I am limited with colour choice...what you girls think!! [/url]
Mokey Posts: 576
I'm getting married at Christmas too and my BM's will be wearing black. I think it's really a classy and timeless colour, something that will never date.... and a great colour for Christmas because you can put almost any colour flowers with it! My mother wasn't too impressed at first but now that's she's seen the girls in the dresses, she's come around to the idea - my MIL unfortunately hasn't but I don't talk to her about it anymore.... she'll see the girls on the day of the wedding and hopefully then she'll change her mind too!!
clare06 Posts: 38
I too am seriously thinking of black for my bridesmaids next October 2006. But can i ask this.... what colour flowers are you having for your bridesmaids?? I think that ivory roses would be stunning... any ideas??