Black Dots in Vision

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pinkframe Posts: 628
Anyone ever experience this? I noticed it a couple of times last week + put it down to dirt in my contact lens but today it happened again...its like a small black dot that moves down to the left from the centre of my eye and if I look to where it has seems to jump back to centre again? I am going to wear my glasses tomorrow to see if it persists. I googled it + its apparently normal, checked in what to expect also but I did a search on there but I didn't see prior just curious - has anyone ever experienced this?
Daff Posts: 11644
yeh had it last time on DD. I'm getting spots in front of eyes this time. Shamed to say I never mentioned it to anyone cause it usually went away after a sleep :-8
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i had this on both pregnancies.. was caused by low BP due to dehydration. i only discovered this when pg with DS2 as it was much worse cos i had terrible morning sickness. i'd mention it just in case though as i know blurred vision can also be a symptom of pre-eclampsia.
theoracle Posts: 7664
pinkframe Posts: 628
Thanks for the replies ladies & thanks for the link theoracle, I dunno why I didn't just search for 'spots' ?! I was looking up black dots & dot in vision! Hmmm - now Rosie_mama has said that about dehydration - wonder could it be that? I felt roasted all day today at work & we had pizza at lunchtime so perhaps that. Will keep an eye on it, it wasn't as severe as was described on other thread. More of a small black dot that travelled? Have big scan next Tuesday so will mention to midwife too. Thanks always so helpful.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I had it in the last number of weeks of my pregnancy and still have it a bit. The dehydration theory sounds about right as I had small amounts of protein in my urine during this time and on post natal ward and the PHN thinks I am dehydrated also at the moment. Pre eclampsia did occur to me at the time it started but did not have any blood pressure problems. I was also convinced it was dirty glasses or something like that. It only seems to affect one eye and not as much now as when I was pregnant. I never mentioned it either somehow. Had always something to moan about and never thought of saying that to them as well. Best of luck.
pinkframe Posts: 628
Thanks littlemisshopeful & congrats on the birth of your son! Was reading your induction thread & birth story...I'm holles street too & am convinced I'll go over! It's nothing to be concerned about so, I'll mention it next week & jus increase my water intake & perhaps it'll shift it!