Black & Gold Wedding shoes??

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bubbly10 Posts: 146
Hi girls - another wedding shoe post!! ! but would love your thoughts. Am getting married in 6 weeks and I got these shoes as a present for my Birthday. I absolutley love them and they are sooooo comfy. My bridemaid is wearing dark purple and the men are wearing black suits - could I get away with these shoes?? [attachment=0:2xb2eays]kurt geiger jitterbug.jpg[/attachment:2xb2eays]
teapotty Posts: 2085
They're fab but it wouldn't be my thing at all to wear black with a wedding dress- there's just something spooky about black that I'm not mad about the idea of it peeping out under your nice white/ivory/cream dress. I think if there were an actual colour like purple or red or something it'd be nicer as there's something more "cheerful" about a colour. BUT I'm probably on my on weird wavelenght on this so I'm not sure how much attention you should pay to me :yelrotflmaosmilie:
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Those shoes are really beautiful, I can see why you want to wear them. I definitely think you could wear them. I think it would be a little bit sexy to have fabulous black shoes hidden underneath your wedding dress. [img:3hmmj5wi][/img:3hmmj5wi] [attachment=0:3hmmj5wi]garter2.png[/attachment:3hmmj5wi] (not quiet black, but you get the idea) [img:3hmmj5wi][/img:3hmmj5wi] [img:3hmmj5wi][/img:3hmmj5wi]
wellholygod11 Posts: 152
I think they are gorgeous and esp if you are going to be comfy then go for it!
bridee2b Posts: 2534
Mmm, tricky question... On the one hand, although I am a big fan of coloured shoes, I myself wouldn't want to wear black ones - I would want to go with something a little different. On the other hand, I am such a creature of comfort, speshly when it comes to shoes, that if I could get away with it I would probably wear my slippers on the day... :o0
bubbly10 Posts: 146
thanks for the feedback - littlelily thanks for the pics, the black looks quite nice. The shoes also come in salmon so I could just buy those one >:o) think Ill wait til my dress fitting and try them on then - see how I feel about them then. [attachment=0:2804aki9]kurt gieger salmon.jpg[/attachment:2804aki9]