black tie etiquette

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flanders Posts: 119
If the groom and groomsmen wear black tie does the whole wedding have to be black tie?
Shell Bell Posts: 357
No..unless you are having a 'black tie' wedding where you make the decision to ask everyone to attend in formal wear.
mila Posts: 698
I find that the etiquette for dress is really dictated by the invitation. Unless you specify a dress code, most guests will probably wear what they like - something appropriate to the time of day, and the importance of the occasion, hopefully! :wink: What time of day is your wedding at? The reason I ask is that some people might find black tie a bit unusual at a reception before 5pm - it might be more appropriate for the groom and groomsmen to wear morning suits, or formal day attire to the church, and change into tuxedoes or whatever, later on. I know the rules have relaxed a lot over the years, and as long as everyone has a good time, that's definitely the most important thing, and more and more people are choosing afternoon black tie weddings, but I personally still find it a little odd to see groomsmen and guests in black tie (or God-forbid, white tie!) in the afternoon. But then, I'm probably a little odd anyway! At the end of the day - it's your day, your way!