Black tie weddings

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*bubblez* Posts: 1599
what do you expect your guests to wear? I've been invited to two this year, I'm not wearing a full length cocktail dress for an entire day as I think its ridiculous... so what is acceptable to brides who insist on black tie
foxybox Posts: 672
Hi bubblez, doing blacktie. We are just asking the men to go black tie. The woman wear what they normally would, and I definitely wouldn't expect the ladies to go floor length, I think that doesn't happen anymore. Ive been to two in the last 3 years and no-one wore the floor length. At one, my h2b didn't wear a tux, he wore a black suit, a black shirt, and a white silk tie. It looked classic. A friend of ours wore a black suit, white shirt, white waistcoat and white tie. My sil2b went to one, and she was very pregnant. She wore a top and 3/4 length trousers, and she looked stunning on the day.
jan8 Posts: 554
hi there i went to a black tie wedding last sept a few girls were wearing floor length but most just normal dresses... the only thing you didn't see was trousers and tops or really casual dresses... i think most like an excuse to dress up! photos look great too
*bubblez* Posts: 1599
I'm not criticising anyone but I have to say a wedding has never caused anyone so much stress, personally I couldn't give a toss, I'll wear a dress as I would to any other wedding but friends of mine are terrified of turning up in the wrong thing and upsetting the bride, who has made no secret of the fact she will tell people to leave if they are not dresses appropriately. Thing is the wedding is at 12 with a 2.5 hour drive to the reception with a stop off for photos adding another hour to the journey so a full length dress is really not suitable for this type of thing but thats what she's implying she wants. Its ridiculous. I think photos at all wedding turn out beautifully, blacktie or not
Tantrums & Tiaras Posts: 123
Bubblez, whoever that bride is that would tell people leave her wedding if they are not dressed suitably deserves a kick up the a**e! If she wants her guests to be perfect then she should open and account in Black tie or another shop and pay for the suits herself. Black tie is ok to ask from your guests, but not all people have the money to buy/hire real black tie suits for the event. The idea of black tie is to avoid people turning up in Jeans-which can happen. So the bride and groom should appreciate the effort and extra expense they are putting their guests to. I am getting married next month and I would never dream of asking my guests to wear black tie. It's such a waste and dulls everyone’s personalities on the day. Women dress up beautifully anyway for an event, and they wouldn't let a scraggy man accompany them, so I have no fears about my guests.
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
yeah black tie weddings are a pain, it's hard enought to find a dress to wear to a normal wedding without the stress of worrying whether it is suitable for a black-tie wedding O:| O:| O:|
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
A dressy knee or tea length dress is perfect for a Black Tie wedding. What's not appropriate is a pants suit or skirt suit that you could wear to the office. We had a black tie wedding and only a few of the guests wore full length skirts - mainly older women. The guys however all wore dress suits and really let lose - I think that because a dinner suit exists soley as a party outfit people are much quicker to relax in one then in a business suit which is after all appropriate attire for a job interview.
foxybox Posts: 672
I don't know why anyone bothers asking advice on this subject anymore. It always ends up insulting brides who want blacktie. Brides who are going blacktie on this site are as helpful and funny and nice as everyone else, and don't reply to the posts by saying that people who don't go blacktie are common little kn*c*ers so why should they be judged as being up their own a*ses. It really doesn't matter once the couple have a nice day surely. Unless obviously the bride is a b*tch like the one bubblez knows. We are all brides that want our day to be special however that may be, so the insults are very offensive, we all shouldn't be tarred with the one brush. Unless of course those who are generalising with their insults are so opinionated and up their own a*se they don't care about that one particular group of people.
*bubblez* Posts: 1599
Foxy I;ve been invited to two one is a cocktail party thing and I got a fab dress for it but the other is a wagon who is dictating where the mens suit are gotten (and they're disgusting cheap things) and what the women are wearing!! She just wants to make sure no one looks better then the bride and groom but she's being so stupid about it. I also got 1 other invite but I felt it was inappropriate considering the background these people come from to insist on a black tie wedding
jan8 Posts: 554
girls here's one for you i know it's kinda off the subject but i know someone who got a wedding invite with "no dresses from coast please" on it!! cheek or what?!!! (hope it was no one here...)