Blackout blinds for existing curtins in nursery??!!

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vivaladiva Posts: 864
Is there such a thing that doesnt look terrible and cost d earth too! Babys room curtains arent lined. was fine during d winter with darker morns etc but d past few days hes all out with d brightmorn sun. said i wdnt get these lined as will be changin his room to nice blue colours etc soon enough n jus wasnt worth it! Regret it now! Have no blinds on our house yet as new house n jus cant afford them at the min but are there in d long list of thigs to do! Surely someones had similar prob as myself n found a solution??!!??! Hopin ye can help me???!?!?!?
SparkleX Posts: 1057
I believe you can get blackout lining which should solve your problem
jelly beans Posts: 170
we just got a plain coloured blackout blind in harry corry think they also have them in homebase (). bit awkard in that it wasnt exact window measurement but they can be trimmed to size - DH did this rather than me, but wasnt a big job!