Blanchardstown and M50

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Little Kitty Posts: 914
Hi Girls I'm just wondering do any of you travel the M50 to Blanch for work in the mornings? Is it a complete nightmare? I've been put fwd for a job out there so just wonderng as the schools are off so the traffic now mightn't be a good example of how it is on normal days iykwim? Is there any avoiding the M50 and taking an alternative route? If you can provide directions that would be great! I would be travelling from Drogheda. Thanx guys.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
There are alternative routes albeit on crap roads (St Margarets to Blanchardstownlook at the map but they are really sh!te) the only real delay you would expect for you is at the blanchardstown exit which could take 10 minutes to get through other than that and a fairly slow but still moving M50 you'd probably be fine to go that way.
daboy Posts: 229
if you look at googlemaps then you'll see the alternative routes. theres a cool feature that you can drag the route described onto the backroads!!! Just have a go. Tis class! ... &z=10&om=1
*bubblez* Posts: 1599
you can go over thru navan and up into clonee then thru to blanch tbh wile you will be moving almost constantly on these roads (as in not stuck in traffic) it wont save you much time. It all depends where you'll be working in blanch. Personally I'd take the kentstown route but I hate the m50 with a passion
Me Julia Posts: 1352
i travel from swords on the m50 to tallaght every day. I have to be on the m50 by 6.45 to try and avoid major traffic. Its a nightmare, i hate it and cant wait to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BlushingB Posts: 1634
I go the opposite direction every day and feel so sorry for those poor sods sitting in the tailback. The queue goes from the toll bridge back to Finglas or even Ballymun for most of the day. There is an option to turn off the M1 near the airport and take back roads through St. Margarets, crossing over the Ashbourne road at either Kilshane Cross (mayhem) or near The Ward. They'll bring you out near the Blanchardstown Industrial area. The one way you shouldn't go is M50 though, it's a hell hole and the tailbacks are just going to get worse and worse with all the work they're carrying out on it. It's a fekkin' car park!
Little Kitty Posts: 914
Thanx for the replies girls. TBH I went for the interview and the M50 put me off straight away! I think I'd lose my mind if I had to do that everymorning.