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Delish Posts: 4176
Hey girls, Had my first spotting last night and even though I managed not to freak out I spent ages reading over loads of other threads about spotting just to reassure myself that it wasn't that serious (only a very small amount of brown spotting sorry for the tmi). Then this morning I work up with a horrible taste in my mouth and spat into the bathroom sink, only to see that I spat out some blood. Have been told that your gums can be affected by the relaxing hormone that is released. I'm thinking the spotting and bleeding gums are related. Anyone experience this?
Vera Posts: 197
Hi Delish, Just so your not too worried I'll fill you in with my story of spotting. I was spotting from the day I found out until Sunday just gone. I told my mother and from then it stopped. She had me freaked out. She was worried I was miscarrying. I feel great now about from the usual symptoms. I did another test after the bleeding stopped and it still says I'm preganant. So I think all is well. Fingers crossed. If your worried call your GP or hospital for advice. I don't think any of us are qualified to advise.
charli Posts: 5994
brown discharge is perfectly normally, it is cervix clearing it self out of old blood etc as it stretches and grows yes the bleeding gums are also par for the course for lots of pregnant women too - havent had it yet but all documentation says its due to extra blood flowing through your veins!
noon Posts: 229
Haven't had any spotting but have very bad beeding gums. I went to the dentist last week & he said it looked like I have pregnancy gum disease, never suffered from it before, but apparently very common. My gums are bleeding quite a lot now not just when I brush. He recommended paradontax tooth paste, it's a herbal toothpaste & also to use an electric/battery operated toothbrush.
pluto Posts: 3893
Hey Delish I just replied to you in the May thread there. Yeah, don't worry at all about the spotting - as you know I've had it twice now and its all been grand. Once its brown you've nothing at all to worry about and even at that, once it's not heavy heavy bleeding like a period, then I wouldn't worry at all. I should listen to my own advice really shouldn't I! :-8 I've had a bit of the bleeding gums thing as well but I've read that its common enough. Its caused by the pregnancy hormones which cause gums to become a bit inflamed - they're more sensitive then when you brush your teeth.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I do not think that the two things are connected. The brownish discharge is very common in pregnancy and it is usually the fresh/red blood that is a sign of potential trouble. It sounds like bleeding from the nose to me. Besides bleeding gums, your nose tends to bleed more often and due to incrase in blood flow those little capillares in the nose often burst. I find that most mornings I have to blow my nose and there is fresh blood there. It would have happened during the night and because of your sleeping position ended in your mouth, most times these things end up being swallowed! Not a nice thought but that is how the body works.
Delish Posts: 4176
I think you might be right there as I didn't notice any more blood when I was brushing my teeth, jeepers I am going to be absolutely scrutinizing my body from now on. No spotting today thank god. Thanks for the replies :thnk
brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi ya Delish, I had some brown discharge twice at 15 weeks and 17 weeks- all is well now though, I have bleeding gums when I brush my teeth- extra blood volume- And to my horror I discovered this morning I have a bleeding bum :-8 Looks like I have a bleeding pile!! Will have to go to doc and get cream for it- Oh the joys!! xx b
LilyBlue Posts: 279
Hey Delish, The girls on this are great, I hope they have put you at ease. Just to say each night I spit blood but my gums don't bleed when brushing. How did your scan go? x
pluto Posts: 3893
Re the bleeding nose, I'd say I have that as well. I said it to my doc that sometimes when I get sick there is blood, I got a fright the first time, but she reckoned its coz I'm probably tearing my throat with all the getting sick. But yeah, when I blow my nose, there is sometimes some blood in that too. Jaysus, I didn't realise so many things happen the body when pregnant!