Bleeding&7 weeks pregnant.Help.UPDATE

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summer 12 Posts: 389
Im a first time poster in this thread and am pretty clueless, even if im posting in the correct thread. To our delight i found out i was pregnant 3 weeks ago , such a shock as i was told due to a medical condition i would have difficulty conceiving naturally.As this is our 1st Baby at 36 we were so over the moon.Im hoping some of ye here may be able to help.Im going out of my mind.Ive had sore boons the past 7 weeks but theyve suddenly stoppes.However yday i noticed dark brown spotting nothing much ata all just there when i wiped.I phoned my gp and he told me not to get alarmed yet.Today every time i wee i have a flow however theres nothing there on a panty liner.Im booked in for a transvaginal exam tomorrow, and im told its 50/50 as to whether this could be a miscarriage.Im beside myself , im just hoping someone on here may have had a similar experience.Tyring to put on a brave face then . I appreciate your time
Babylou Posts: 724
You poor thing, I had to reply as I know exactly what you're going through. Unfortunately there's not much you can do until you get the scan tomorrow which will tell you more. It may be a mc but then again it may not. Where you are now is limbo which is a horrible place to be. Hugs xxxx
summer 12 Posts: 389
Thanks so much for your reply, as you said its total limbo land.Himself keeps saying dont worry twill be fine , just wish it was tomorrow afternoon and i knew either way. Thanks so much .x
jamseyjo Posts: 1132
Oh please dont worry. Everything in life is 50/50 so dont pay much attention to that phrasing. Its sounds good to me. Firstly cos the blood was brown and secondly cos there is nothing there when you wipe. Some girls go through pads of blood to still find out everything is ok. I bet things will be ok!
Secret2013 Posts: 227
Hey there, I'm so sorry to hear this. I had the same problem at 6/7 weeks and it turned out to be nothing at all. I was told that brown blood tends to be old blood being cleared out by your system so please try to relax a little if you can it might be nothing at all to worry about. I will keep everything crossed for you tomorrow.
summer 12 Posts: 389
Thanks girls , i have myself tormented googling scenarios , doing my head in more like it. All seem to say that it should be gushing literally with m/c.Horrible place to be right now , i will keep ye posted and please god it will be ok.
Babylou Posts: 724
Stay away from google, it made me worse xxx its def a good sign that your spotting old blood. When I had mc it was exactly like af, no gushing and no crippling pain. Everyone is different, fingers crossed for you xxx
mrswifey Posts: 775
HI, Ah you poor thing, it's such an awful feeling, I have been there. I was just 14 weeks pregnant when I had a sudden gush of blood and quite a lot of cramping, I was absolutely convinved I had miscarried, it was 24 hours later before I had a scan, during those 24 hrs I was spotting and feeling sore and terrified and really upset. That was October 2011, as you can see from my ticker, it was all fine!!! Had a scan and baby was there, happy and healthy! Same thing happend a few days later, and again all was fine. There is nothing you can do now that will make any difference, just rest and stay away from google. Go for a walk this eve or watch a movie, anything to distract yourself. Even if the bleeding gets worse or you get some cramps, it's by no means certain that you are having a miscarriage. Best of luck tomorrow I really hope it goes well.
hope2beemum Posts: 124
Hi summer12, I'm in the same boat. I had some brown spotting on Friday. It went away then on Sunday I had some red blood when I wiped. I panicked too. Rang the hospital and had a tv scan on Monday. She couldn't see anything inside the sac. Said it could be too early. She told me not to worry unless the bleeding is worse than af. Hard to do. I'm stressed out to bits which clearly doesn't help. I'm booked in now on Tuesday for another scan to check for growth and its all I can think about. Fingers crossed everything works out for both of us xx
70schick Posts: 201
Best of luck to you both girls. It's a very difficult place to be. Here's hoping for good news and there is a very good chance that all will be ok. Thinking of you both. :action32