Bleeding after D and C and waiting TTC after miscarriage

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Me Julia Posts: 1352
hi Thanks for all your lovely replies at the start of the week when i told you about my miscarriage 3 weeks ago. I have a question for those of you who miscarried and had a d and c. Can you remember how long the bleeding lasted for? And when it finally stopped how long after that did your AF take to arrive? Did you all wait for it to arrive before TTC again? I just want to be pregnant again and dont want to be waiting for ages before trying. I was wondering if any of you got pregnant before waiting for one period? I know they say you should wait for one. thanks
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi Me Julia, So sorry about your miscarraige. I hope you are starting to feel a bit better. After my D+C I bleed for about 2.5 weeks. It then took 6 weeks for my AF to arrive (6 weeks is my normal cycle time). I was beginning to think it would never come. I waited for it to arrive before TTCing again. My doctor here (and the swiss are cautious) said to wait one cycle and then try. I think they say you should wait one as your uterus needs to recover from the D+C and therefore should you conceive during that time you have a higher risk of MC. I know exactly how you feel though, all I could think of was getting pregnant again. Wait one cycle if you can, treat yourself, take it easy, try not to stress your AF will come along and then you can start TTCing again. I hope that is some help, I also found the taking charge of your fertility book helpful as well. x sg
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
I had the D&C in September and stopped bleeding (from it about 4-5 weeks later) and my first period came on the 14th of November, so all in all it took me nearly 8 and half weeks.... Doc said I could starting trying straight away but she "asked" me to wait for my first period so they'd be able to calculate due date etc. if I did get pregnant! Thank God I didn’t listen cos it’s now 2 months later and not a BFP in sight! :o( Hope you're doing okay :action32
mammybean Posts: 10364
girls i bled for 2 days at the very most and after the first day it was only spotting, i also fell pregnant straight away (accidentaly)
corkrebel Posts: 744
Me Julia, hope that you are doing ok hon and glad to see that you are looking forward and thinking about TTC again! I had a D&C in May and by comparison to the other girls, seemed to have gotten of quite lightly with my bleed afterwards as I only bled for about a week and it was not a heavy bleed at that ... I got my AF exactly 30 days after the D&C....(reg cycle would have been 25-30 days) we got conflicting info from dr's and midwives ....we were told by one to try again as aoon as we felt up to it and by another to wait at least 3 months but all their info on waiting for at least 1 AF is consistant... it is your body's way to letting you know that it has healed and it also makes it easier to date you when you do fall pregnant.. my cycle was a bit all over the place to be honest though for the months of June and July and Aug but I feel pregnant again in Aug thankfully and am now happily in the 6th month of a blooming pregnancy!!! best of luck pet will get there and I look forward to seeing your BFP post! xx
chambi Posts: 21
Hey me julia , I had a D and C on the 30th of December and bled for just over a week , I am still waiting for my AF to arrive hope it arrives soon as i'm eager to TTC again. O:|