Bleeding after internal

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rop Posts: 1453
quick question girls, I am just back from the hospital and had an internal this morning, I have just gone to the toilet and there was some blood. Not bright red but not mucusy either - any ideas. Am trying to get through to the Cooombe now but no joy!
bunsy2 Posts: 21
Did you have a sweep done? this can cause spotting. Did they say this would happen when you had the internal done? I had a sweep with DD at 40wks and again a 41 wks. Spotted after the second but didn't bring on labour unfortunately. Went 42wk and had to be induced. Keep trying hospital if you need reassurance. Hope all goes well for you. You will have your lovely bundle in your arms soon!!! :baby3:
Martiespride Posts: 997
i had that, internal is the same as a sweep as far as i know and i had a bleed after it too. but it wasnt till i went to the loo when i got home. it was like it was there waiting to come out if you know what i mean, i rang labour ward and they said to put on fresh pad and wait and see if there was more. there wasnt and i went another 10 days! i hope thats a help to you Best of luck m x
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
I had one yesterday Pickle and that's normal. I'm 4 days over The wait is a killer isn't it!
chocaholic gal Posts: 201
God, i had around 4 internals near the end and i bled after each one. Maybe this is TMI but the blood was bright red like you'd get at a start of a period. The hospital told me it was completely normal but if i were you i'd still ring the hospital for peace of mind. They didn't tell me i would bleed after my first internal and i got the fright of my life when i saw the blood and rang the hospital immediately.
rop Posts: 1453
Thanks girls, finally got through to a midwife and they said it was normal. I did think as much but I had a sweep last week and an internal a few days before and had no bleeding. Today was very uncomfortable so I guess it depends on how rough they are! Thanks again
Martiespride Posts: 997
Hope your feeling ok babypickle. best of luck with everything, you will be holding your baby soon :o)ll