Bleeding at 23 weeks

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serenity Posts: 3675
Hi girls, My work colleague's daughter in law (and son) are expecting their first child. She just had a call from her son to say that they had to go to hospital last night as his wife had noticed blood. The hospital examined her and said yes, there was blood and to go home and rest and they fixed an appointment for to see their consultant for this day week. Obviously the mother (my colleague) is very worried now that there is something seriously wrong... Surely if there was, they would have kept her in? Any thoughts so I can try to calm her.... It's their first grandchild. Thanks girls for any help xxx
bumble Posts: 1980
Hi Serenity, My sister had this around 20 weeks - turned out she had low lying placenta and that's what had caused a bit of bleeding. They kept an eye on her and everything was fine - placenta rectified itself eventually otherwise would have had to be c section rather than natural birth. Maybe this is what it is? Hopefully the hospital will give them some answers.
serenity Posts: 3675
Hi Bumble, Thank you so much for your reply... I am trying to assure her that if it was more serious, they would have kept her in hospital. Hopefully, it is nothing serious... God there really is no end to the worrying is there? I hope you are doing well chick - cannot believe you are already over 8 weeks - you are flying it Bumble Mind yourself xxx
bumble Posts: 1980
If they were concerned they would have kept her in for observation so they must be happy enough that she's ok. Fingers crossed for her. It's such a worrying time ... hopefully they did a scan for her and her little baby is doing ok in there. Am doing great thanks! So thrilled to be here!! I am saying my prayers that you'll be joining us over here soon too Serenity :xxx
whackywoman Posts: 1496
hi ya I had some bleeding with DD when I was 24 weeks pregnant. They kept me in but only because the consultant didn't want to leave his house that night to come and see me in the hospital (my normal consultant was in hospital) I had some more around 32 weeks but everything was okay and I am typing here looking at DD blaying with her dollie :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs
newone Posts: 1714
serenity Posts: 3675
Hi girls, Thanks for all the reassuring stories girls. I have passed them on. She is resting at the moment, till they do another scan on her with her consultant next Tuesday.... Please god all will be okay. It's such a worrying time :thnk :thnk
sunsparks Posts: 2196
I'm a little bit behind but had bleeding the weekend before last and the weekend before that. Had a scan and all seems well. They noticed the placenta was low and said this can cause bleeding, and to stay away from heavy work - lifting, gardening, sex (!). The placenta can move upward during pg as someone said earlier. TBH, I'd say if they were concerned at this stage they'd keep her in - she's close enough to the cut off point for babies to survive if they're born early. This wasn't an option for me as it was still relatively early on (and, although they weren't quite so blunt as to say it, if something happens, it happens). The fact that they didn't keep her in at this point shows they aren't concerned. I would tell her to rest, take care of herself (shock from the bleeding and the stress of worrying about it nearly knocked me for six for the week after) and tell her DH to make sure she doesn't lift a finger (as if he needs telling, I'm sure). I'll say a prayer that all goes well for her, and I'm sure it will.