Bleeding at 5 weeks

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mrsberries Posts: 462
Started to lightly bleed last night. Ive no pains or cramping but Im guessing its the worst. Hospital wont see me as its so early and nothing is severe. But having been through this two years ago, I cant help but expect the worst. Has anyone else experienced bleeding?
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
I have no experience of this but what I believe is that if there is no pain or cramping its quite common to bleed early on. I know its hard to wait but rest up and hopefully all will be ok x
newyorker Posts: 309
Spotting is common during pregnancy so try not to worry.If you start cramping or are in any sort of pain then go to your Dr/Hosp immediately.
mummytime Posts: 3149
bled from week 4 through to the second trimester. I did get my hcg levels checked though at the start as have a history of miscarriage. I think if you already had a miscarriage, it would be worth getting you hcg levels monitored as you are bound to be worried.
MrsAug2010 Posts: 257
Hi Mrsberries I had spotting for everyday for 7 weeks, it's not always a bad outcome. Like Mrs positive said rest up, I spent 2 weeks on the couch or in bed. Pm me if you want any more info, i'll keep you in my prayers :action32
ulanzi Posts: 135
I had bleeding at 5 weeks on both pregnancies. number 1 is two years old and number 2 is a wriggly 21 weeks into the pregnancy. Horrible time though. All is not lost and the lack of cramping is an excellent sign
mrsberries Posts: 462
Thanks ladies. Bleeding stopped about 4 hours now, so feeling some hope now :) Also felt a bit of queasy there at teatime, which I hadnt felt since last Friday. Would I need to get my HCG levels checked in hosp? Both the Coombe and my GP indicated they didnt want to see me as there wasnt a lot they could do at this stage. I was considering getting a Clearblue test at the end of the week to see if the weeks matched.
MrsAug2010 Posts: 257
I did that with first response tests, i found them handier because i could see the difference in the lines. But i know most people say not to do this, i couldn't help myself, did six in the end :-8
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I would get back onto your GP and explain how worried you are. All they need to do us take bloods 3 days apart and check that your hcg is doubling-it's not a massive ask and it's much more accurate that repeating hpts where it's hard to compare how concentrated your pee is!
lollisue Posts: 507
Mrsberries, once you get to 6 weeks you can go for a private scan if you want to put your mind at rest. Mount Carmel ( and The merrion fetal unit ( both do scans at 6 weeks.