Bleeding at 6 weeks - sorry TMI

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phananta Posts: 330
I had a small amount of bleeding (brown) at 6 weeks and went to the maternity emergency dept, where I was scanned and they saw a sac but said it was the size of 4.5 weeks not 6, told me to go back to the EPU a week later. The bleeding didn't stop for the week, but didn't get any worse either - v dark brown, about a pantyliner a day, sorry, tmi :-8 I went to the EPU having spent the week googling and convinced I'd had a missed miscarriage, so we were in total shock when she found a heartbeat :o)ll She just said to come back in 6 weeks to have my dates done properly, or to come back if the bleeding got worse. Now it hasn't got worse, but doesn't seem to be stopping either. Does anyone know what can cause this slow incessant bleeding, and is it bad news if it keeps going at the same level (it's been about 10 days now)? Thanks girls, I'm a wreck at the moment - half delighted, half worried sick!!
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi Phananta, I don't know but I would imagine they would have held onto you or got you back sooner if there was a problem. I just got diagnosed with pollops this morning and was told to expect bleeding which I had already but certainly isn't incessant. I don't think worrying will get you anywhere though so I would ring them again and ask. I mean, it's only a phonecall and it could make your life bareable until it's stops! Emme
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
god you poor thing....what a wonderful thing to get a heartbeat though after you were convinced things had gone wrong! No idea on the bleeding either, did they tell you to rest up or anything? I have heard of progesterone being given (mostly usa websites) for bleeding but dont think maternity hospitals here have much belief in it. How about going to your gp for a chat? they tend to have more time to chat with you best of luck *) and congrats
JT Posts: 397
Hi Phananta, I had bleeding for a good couple of weeks from about week 8 onwards. It was usually dark brown although I did have some very heavy gushes of bright red blood. No-one could offer me an explanation as to why it happened and every time I was scanned, the baby's heartbeat was grand. Please God, I'll have a baby in 10 weeks. My midwife did say that generally bleeds end at about 12-14 weeks and thank God (and touch wood), I haven't had one since that time. I know it's small comfort but hopefully it'll all be ok, JT