Bleeding between period

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sarahh Posts: 69
Hi I am new to post on the site but am on it all the time,we have been trying to concieve for 3 months ....i am regular with my periods ,i got them 2 weeks ago and i am bleeding again now it started monday and stoped and now some today has anyone experianced this or know anything about it tks
miss sixty Posts: 467
Hi Sarahh, Maybe its implantation spotting, was it heavy? Gal B xx
sarahh Posts: 69
Hi gal b I only ovulated i think on monday/tuesday so it would be to early for implantaion i think, and its not spotting its a tad bit heavyish just hope it doesnt mess up my normal period but i not due til the 20th
katey Posts: 682
Sarah there's a thread about this already on this site, it might be on health and fitness? Do a search. Lots of girls contributed to it. K
miss sixty Posts: 467
doesnt make sense so. Think I would go to my GP to check for any underlying infection or something