Bleeding placenta..

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Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
How common is this? My cousin is 18wks pregnant and she has been bleeding since 13 wks. She is much worse since last week the bleeding has got heavier and she is on bedrest. I hope everything will be ok for her im so worried.. They are talking about giving her the steroid injections for her babys lungs at 24 weeks. Is it common to have your baby delivered early with this condition.. Thanks in advance girls :)
carlie2012 Posts: 127
Hi Dancing Queen I had placenta previa with my 1st pregnancy, woke up at 28 weeks covered in blood dint know what was going on. i did end up delivering my ds at 32 weeks naturally which means the placenta had moved back up.. i had got the steroids injections when admitted at 28weeks, now i was home after 2days and was on sick leave for a week and went back to work the following wk for 3days a week. i think in hindsight i should have not gone back to work and stayed on bed rest. and maybe ds would have stayed in a bit longer. This pregnancy as she see from my ticker i am now 7days over due, i had 2 bleeds one at 13weeks and 15 weeks noting major just blood when i wiped, my placenta was low lying but thankfully at 32week scan it had moved back up. also i went out on sick leave from 33weeks to wade off a early delivery. also i was given the steroid injection at 24weeks as a precaution. It is quite common as i know a few people who have had a problem with their placenta, my biggest recommendation is to take it as easy as possible and rest rest rest rest.
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Just heard from her sister that she had to go into the hosp last night as was having pains with the bleeding this time. She had a scan and the baby's heartbeat was there, she has to have another scan today. I hope she will be ok and baby will keep on fighting.