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monicagellegher Posts: 55
Hi girls regular poster but wanted to keep anon. im on microlite but i lost my pill pack and didnt take it on friday gone 23rd. we did the deed on saturday and last night i got small bit of bleeding. my cycles are 28days all the time but ovualtion seems to be scattered as i do opk's. i was wondering i know you can get preg on pill but if you miss a day can you release an egg therefore it would have been there on sat and this could be implantation bleeding? i really dont have a clue feels like AF but im still taking the pill. just wanted your views.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I would come off the pill just in case. Can I ask why do you use opk if you are on the pill? When is AF due? I got implantation bleed (well I presume that is what it was) on the Sunday and AF was due on the Thursday. AF didn't arrive and I got my BFP
monicagellegher Posts: 55
would you? i used the opk because we were going to start trying in few months i know its not your real period on the pill but just wanted to keep track of it and get an understanding of it. im due AF on 8th march. feels like im getting AF but sure why would i be on the pill? would it be possible an egg got released? sorry im clueless
monicagellegher Posts: 55
iv just been to the loo and its a browny colour sorry TMI :-8 feels like AF though, any advice girls much appreciated. how long does implantation bleeding usually last for?
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
I thought you didn't ovulate on the pill?? I think sometimes the hormones in the pill can affect tests such as OPK's?
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
no i think you do i thought an egg wasnt released but i know that you can get preg on pill
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
not sure about egg getting released but you can get pregnant. Then again wouldn't an egg have to get released for you to fall pregnant. My spotting only lasted one day. I had small amount in the morning and small amount in the evening. Was only there when I wiped. Nothing major. I thought it was AF at first but knew it was to soon to be.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
As far as I know you don't ovulate while on the pill (check the leaflet with your pill, it will probably explain all) so you can save yourself a couple of quid on those expensive OPKs while you are still on it! Start using them as soon as you come off it.
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
god its so confusing you dont ovualte i think as the girls are saying but if you miss a day or two do you ovualte?
Perci Posts: 3847
Found this info.... Q. How does the pill really work? A. There are four ways the pill acts to stop sperm reaching an egg (ovum). First, the hormones in the pill try to stop an ovum being released from your ovary each month. This is known as the suppression of ovulation. Research has shown that neither the progesterone-only pill nor the combined progesterone-oestrogen formulations always stop ovulation. Second, all formulations of the pill cause changes to the cervical mucus that your body produces. The cervical mucus may become thicker and more difficult for sperm to fertilize an ovum. Third, all formulations of the pill cause changes to the lining of the womb (properly known as the endometrium). Under the influence of the chemicals in the pill, the lining of the womb doesn’t grow to the proper thickness. You will notice that your periods are lighter when you are on the pill. This is because the lining of the womb has not developed properly. But this change also means that the womb is not in the right stage of development to allow a fertilized egg to attach properly (this attachment process is known as implantation). This action of the pill will be discussed again in this booklet. Fourth, the pill causes changes to the movement of the Fallopian tubes. This effect may reduce the possibility of the ovum being fertilised. It is very important for you to understand that none of these ways the pill works is completely reliable. Ovulation is not always stopped, cervical mucus does not always stop the movement of sperm the damage to the lining of the womb sometimes allows for implantation to occur, and Fallopian tube activity does not always stop sperm and ovum from joining to create a new human person.