Blisters when running

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sligo42 Posts: 213
Just hoping someone can help - lately when i do a long run - well long for me - i'm getting blisters!! About 6 miles in an hour - so its more jogging than running. I'll do it on the threadmill or if sunny outside on the roads. The blisters are in crook of my foot - so not sure that's the word - its half way between your toes and heel - you know that bit that goes up. I have reebox runners that i got last year - thought these might be the problem. Went back to an old pair of asics that were always ok. I ran three of these long runs this week - normally i'd only do one or two - but my feet are in bits today. Using a needle to burst the blisters. What's going on?? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Might not be the runners either, OH runs alot and he gets twin skins, they are socks that are double layered so they prevent blisters, he highly recommends them. But do also make sure that you are wearing the correct runners and have proper arch support. This is them
mysteriousmise Posts: 1783
Try getting some specialist wicking socks - they'll wick away the moisture. They're more expensive (anything between €10 and €20 a pair), but it's money you won't regret spending. Great Outdoors, 53 Degrees north etc should stock them. I'd also try to stop bursting the blisters - they can end up infected!
sligo42 Posts: 213
ladies, thank you so much. arch is the word i was looking for!! will try out those socks - never heard of wicking socks before. i'll try to stop bursting them but they are annoying. have a great weekend and thank you so much for replying :)
shootingstar Posts: 1340
Last year when I was out running I used to get blisters on the back of my heel. I got the Compeed plasters that cover the blister, help them to heal and once they are healed the plaster comes off.. I couldnt recommend them highly enough! They are brilliant to help you heal your blister? I would try and change your runner as they are prob rubbing on an area when you are running. and the double sock sounds like a genious idea!!!
roma2011 Posts: 1208
I'm very blister prone and use the double layer running socks mentioned above, this mine were called the 1000 mile socks or something like that, anyway they are brill. Only thing is though, blisters on the arch of your foot sounds like a very funny place to get blisters. You might be wearing runners with too high arch support for your feet or something. Apparently lifestyle sports do gait analysis when buying runners, I've never used it, just heard about it, but it might be worth doing. Other than that the only thing I could say is to maybe consider regularly rubbing white spirits into that part of your feet for a while until the blisters don't come. You will stink, but it works to toughen up blister prone skin - this is where your commitment gets tested! :o0