Bloating during early pg - does it stop

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Bigleap Posts: 696
I'm only just over 6 weeks but I'm already feel huge! I thought I was being careful about eating well, but today I couldnt zip my dress the whole way up. My boobs have definately gone up a size and my tummy is so bloated I look pregnant. I'm really worried that I'm just going to keep expanding over the next few weeks! I have a few weddings to go to and my outfits already planned. Now I dont even know if I will fit in them. And at this rate I wont be able to fit into my work clothes soon either. Anyone have any experience with this? Does the bloating get worse, just stay there or come and go?
Sandy Beach Posts: 94
I think it depends on your body type and how much you're prone to retaining fluid anyway. I was big very fast on #1 in fact I was probably in maternity jeans by week 7 or 8. My boobs are bigger again this time round. Its a nightmare. I so envy those perfect pregnant women who look like they have a basketball under their jumpers - how I'd love that. I bloat from head to toe. Only upside - is that because a lot of it is fluid, it goes away very quickly after baby is born, I literally pee'd constantly for 4 or 5 days, and was 4lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight within a week - so there is a brightside Sandy x PS but to answer your question, it might slow down but it doesn't go away until baby pops out... sorry!
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Keep drinking lots of water, but I found that I had to eat lots of things to keep off constipation in the early weeks. Lots of dried fruit and nuts as a snack in the mid morning does help to keep you regular (sorry TMI) but I did anything to stop the horrible bloated feeling and keep my blood sugar up (I'd get sugar shakes too if I had to wait until lunchtime to eat) For me it did go away, I still do feel bloated sometimes after a meal but nothing as bad as the first few weeks. Oh and lots of fibre too! Hope you feel better soon, and that you fit into the dresses for the weddings! I didn't get a bump as such until around the 5.5 / 6 month mark. I had a wedding recently and held off getting anything until 2 or 3 weeks before it. Luckily because I had a dress picked out but the lining in it would have been too tight, so I had a looser one nearly like a maxi dress in the end.
Bigleap Posts: 696
Thanks girls. I guess I may have to live with it for the minute and hope that it slows down. I just wasnt expecting to see body changes so quickly. I have been drinking lots of water because I'm thristy all the time. And fingers crossed, constipation, isnt a problem for the moment anyway. I think I'm just prone to bloating around my tummy. I'll try to increase my fibre intake and cut out any of the junk.
black pearl Posts: 3513
hi girls im in same boat im only 8 weeks and busting out of my uniform at work but its all tummy bloated and not baby bump obviously, i feel bloated all the time but am dringking loads fo water, and had my first ever experience of constiptaion this weekend so have incressed the fibre intake but not really working too much :o( hopefully it will die down soon enough am freaking out at work cos all you can see is my stomach and im sure the gossips are having a field day!!!
CestMoi Posts: 2162
[quote="butsemma":232y7n1p]hopefully it will die down soon enough am freaking out at work cos all you can see is my stomach and im sure the gossips are having a field day!!![/quote:232y7n1p] Sorry to hear this, but believe it or not I felt huge too and nobody else really noticed. Even when I was starting to get a bump I thought I looked pregnant, but nobody noticed except one girl who was telling me from about week 16 that I was [b:232y7n1p]starting[/b:232y7n1p] to show. Very disappointing because you just feel fat for a stage waiting on your bump to come. Then at 23/24 weeks it just popped out, and there is no mistaking it now! Small as it may be! Hang in there, for me the bloating did go away, although it must be harder if you have a uniform, I was lucky with loose tops. Hugs 4 u both! :action31
MeSB Posts: 3785
DiamondWife Posts: 1347
girls i'm living in tracksuit bottoms - i'm lucky that i work on my own in the office and don't have to meet anyone - otherwise i'd be in trouble!!! defo get a bigger tummy as the night goes on O:|
LoveLife123 Posts: 2138
Bigleap - I found that aswell in the early weeks that the bloating was UNREAL!!! I felt like I was absolutely huge and really uncomfortable after a meal - I had to start having my main meal at lunchtime and eat a smaller dinner coz I just couldn't stomach a big meal in the evening I was so bloated. I will say though that it did ease off.....gradually....after the first 3 months....Just try to eat little and often if you can :wv
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Apart from bloating, can anyone tell me when the cramps settle down? I just got bfp today and only 15dpo so far. Since ovulation I have af type cramps and pain on and off. I heard some people get this in early pregnancy. Can anyone say when the feeling goes away?