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HappyGal Posts: 261
Hey girls If any of you are like me and get bloated or constipated ( sorry for graphics) well then go to tesco and buy yourself almonds.. or wherever you can get almonds.. they are a natural laxative which are SO good for y our skin, health everything and keep you digestive system running !!!! :thnk
windycity Posts: 2241
thats a great tip happygal, thanks! A bowl of branflakes in the morn with a cup of coffee is also super for constipation!!
FutureMrsL Posts: 231
On my way to healthfood shop as we speak! How many would you eat for this to work (problems with both myself)
HappyGal Posts: 261
well take about 7 - if you are getting the little bag... it breaks it down for you at the back - as in 25g - just divide that into the bag.. u'll know what I mean when you see the back.. they are great.. and if you google almonds it tells you everything they do!!! i've been taking them for the past two weeks!! honestly they are great!
FutureMrsL Posts: 231
Great stuff, thanks so much for the tip! :wv
HappyGal Posts: 261
10 Days Future!!! Oh my god how exciting!!!!!! are you in work now or what??
FutureMrsL Posts: 231
Yup, am finishing on Friday. Getting exciting now that all the horrible stress has subsided. Hate to tempt fate but everything seems to be done. Now if I can just keep away from nice things. Very hard, work bringing me out for dinner tomorrow night, out with the in-laws tonight and another friend Friday. am hoping that walking every day at home from saturday will counterbalance this O-O
Mrs Boop Posts: 828
I must say I love almonds as a snack throughout the day. Girls I used to suffer from bloating, and I don't do diets >:o( but I have removed bread from my diet (even though I used to only eat McCambridge brown bread at lunch) and have cut down on carbs in the evening and swapped beer for wine and the difference that this has made, it's great! :o)ll FutureMrsL, you must be so excited 10 days to go! :o)ll Even cutting out bread and reducing carbs over 10 days will def make a difference. I haven't drank beer in almost a year, had my hen weekend last Sat and so I wouldn't sozzled on wine :hic I drank beer and my stomach looked 3 mths pregnant by Sat night/Sun morning :stork: :yelrotflmaosmilie:
FutureMrsL Posts: 231
Ok so went out this morning and bought almonds. small problem, cant stop nibbling at them now!! Looked at back of pack and a pack contains 612 calories and 55.8.gramms of fat. Noticed this after I ate half of them. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Diamondz Posts: 2208
I have found that linseeds are great for keeping you regular and keeping bloating at bay. You can buy them in a box/bag in any of the health food shops and I just sprinkle them over my cereal or put a spoonful in my yoghurt in the mornings!! I have also been known to sprinkle a spoonful over my dinner in the evening if I make a rice dish like curry or similar. There isn't much taste to them - but they are fab!! :o)ll