bloatng after coming off pill - any probiiotics?

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wishingwell Posts: 253
Hi, i went off the pill two mths ago and since then hav put on about 4 pounds, am bloated and gassy :O my diet hasnt changed and i exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Im putting it down to going off the pill and hormones. Someone mentioned probiotics to balance the hormones but i dnt know which ones if any are any good. Any advice ? Cheers
jewellb Posts: 2389
Udos choice super 8 are the best probiotics, you get them in a Healy food shop and need to keep them in the fridge, I have crohns so there very good, but like 30 euro !! You can definitely get cheater just as good!!
wishingwell Posts: 253
Cheers, bit pricey alrite, il go into boots during the wk and c what they hav