Blocked sinuses

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missc Posts: 875
Hiya girls, This is the 3rd time i've had a cold since being pregnant and it crazy how badly it can effect you when you cant take any tablets. The last time was for 3wks over xmas and it turned into a chest infection O:| Now i have the WORST blocked nose i've ever experienced in my life. Both of nostrils are completely blocked so whenever i swallow, my ears pop :o( its the most uncomfortable thing ever. Has anyone any suggestions on what can help me? Vicks inhaler doesnt do anything and the vaporub is not much better. :o( Thanks
lemon Posts: 180
Hi MissC. There was a post on this topic just a few days ago. I had a horrible cold for about a week that left me with blocked sinuses. I found the worst part was the headache that went with it and I eventually went to the doctor when I couldnt bare it any more. She prescribed a steroid nasal spray to clear it called "Nasonex" which is safe to take. It took away the headaches within a day which was a huge relief and then it slowly cleared out the sinuses. It was [u:328j44d9]slow[/u:328j44d9] to work, but better than nothing. HTH :wv
Bubba Bump Posts: 348
Is this a common thing in pregnancy cos I'm suffering with blocked sinuses for the last week or so. I have really dark circles under my eyes which is always a sign of me getting a sinus infection. Is that steroid spray on prescription or available over the counter?
lemon Posts: 180
Hey Bubba Bump, as far as I know its on available in prescription, but I'm not certain, so it might be worth asking in a chemist. Usually sinutab clear it up for me within a day or two, but this spray has taken about a week.....
Dootsay Posts: 958
woops, double post
Dootsay Posts: 958
Hi (*rant alert*) I can totally sympathise with you - I have never had sinus problems before getting pg and I've had a sinus/blocked nose for about 6 weeks, it's a nightmare. I can't breathe in through my nose at all, or taste my food really :o( it's started to effect my sleep now too. I have tried everything, my doc actually gave me antibiotics but they didn't help at all. I've tried steaming with olbas and vicks, vapour plugs, sea salt rinses, the works and now I'm on a herbal remedy called New Era which I'm really hoping helps in some way. I have read on another site that this could be pregnancy rhinitis so I'm heading back to the doc this week to see if there is anything else I can take, I've even tried acupuncture ( reflexology is next!) but hopefully he can give me this Nasonex as every chemist I've been to so far has refused blankly to give me anything except for paracetemol, I don't think I could stick this for my whole pg, as I've 4 months to go. I hope this clears up for you all, as I now have total sympathy for anyone suffering from sinuses, it's rotten!! (rant over)
All the way May Posts: 203
I found the olbas oil nasal tube 'thingy' excellent. I was in bits with sinus headaches during my first trimester and this was the only thing that would give me any relief. That's the worst about sinus, all you can take is panadol and it's not worth a fiddlers!
missc Posts: 875
Thanks very much for replies girls. It doesnt seem to be as bad today and definatley not as bad as some of you have had it. Isnt mad how many problems you have when pregnant and u think your the only person its ever happened too, when really its quite common. If it gets bad again, i'll be heading to doc's for that prescription. Thanks :thnk