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Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Evening ladies! Me again. Just updated my blog, all about why we go to so much trouble for the big day! Thank you for reading!
JustBecause Posts: 3242
First off GREAT title! :o0 Now I'm off to read the rest
stickwoman Posts: 2394
Agree, love the title! Have really enjoyed your latest blast of updates... hope you're going to keep them up! They make a great read.
Wenty Posts: 238
Smileykaz, It's fantastic - I've been laughing, nodding furiously going "I knoooowwww" and "so true" and then went back and read them all again while reading snippets out to h2b while he's trying to watch primetime......Let me know when the next one is up....can I copy the link and send it to some friends on Facebook????
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Thanks Smiley for putting what I'm thinking into very excellent words! I want to be The Bride too! :o)ll
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Aw thanks ladies! Glad you liked it, it's great to get feedback, I'd be lost without WOL! NYE Audge, yes by all means share it with your friends, that would be fantastic, thanks so much! Just Because - yes, I think, selfishly, that's the part I'm looking forward to most (after saying 'I do' of course) being The Bride! Sometimes cos weddings cost so much you feel you have to justify your choices you know - and I just thought, well isn't 'because I want to' enough of a justification!?