Blood after no 2

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Spice Bride Posts: 558
Ladies, I've had some spotting when I do a number two - not the first time I've experienced it. Don't think that it's coming from my back passage - I actually think that it's between the front bottom and back bottom (is it called the perineum?). And it's only when it is a, don't even know how to say it delicately, denser bowel movement. Apologies for TMI. Myself and DH were laughing at that ad for stool softener and now I think that I need a packet. Looked in Boots there but couldn't see it. Has anyone else experienced this and do you have to ask for stool softener at the counter? Is there a natural remedy? I eat a good bit of fruit, only wholemeal bread and drink piles of water.
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
I would say maybe it is piles
sarah to be a mrs Posts: 349
i have actually had the same problem about three times and each time it scared the hell out of me because a family member died of bowel cancer and i know bleeding is a sign. luckly it went away by itself so i think i just had piles. there is a special oinment to use but ive forgotten the name sorry for that hope the problem clears up soon :xxs
luigi Posts: 867
:-8 Oh it does sound like piles, unless you have a cut on the perinium that is stretching when you poo. When I was PG I found drinking loads of water helped the piles :-8
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Sounds like piles alright. You'll have to check with the chemist about what you can take while pregnant - they won't give you everything. If it gets really bad the dr can prescribe sheriproct ointment, which is brilliant but can only be used after 12 weeks. Linseeds (you can get them in any health shop and in most supermarkets) sprinkled on your cereal or yoghurt also help a lot with softening bowel movements - I never found that Fibogel stuff to be any good. Maybe check yourself out in the mirror tonight to see if you have a cut on your perineum but I'd say it's more likely to be piles - they're v. common during pregnancy (the joy!). (Ps: don't wear g-strings!)
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Hi Spice Bride! I had this when I was spotting earlier in this pregnancy. Like I was spotting on and off and when the spotting had sort of stopped, I would notice it would come back when I had a bowel movement. It was DEFINATELY coming from my vagina as well, I put it down to straining or something. They couldn't give me any answer to this in Holle St. Are you having any pain when you are passing?
Spice Bride Posts: 558
Lady Di, not experiencing any pain when passing and I didn't notice any blood from bottom. Think that I have a tear on the perineum, which is made worse by a hard bowel movement. I only seem to get the spotting when I do a number two. It's only happened about 3 times and I've had a scan showing all is well so not going to allow myself to worry about it too much.
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Yeah you're right not to worry - maybe when you're at the doc next get them to look and see if all is well in that area!!