Blood Clots in pregnancy

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goldie2 Posts: 76
Hi all there 3 weeks i was admitted to hospital with a blood clot on lung since than i have been getting injections of inohep in tummy. anyway docs said i coundnt have epidural because of these injections but i read on internet that you can come off injections around due day. basically i just wanted to know if anyone else in same situation or knew of anyone who was on these injections and did it effect delivery. thanks
Port Princess Posts: 1154
dnt know hun sorry!
pattie Posts: 2379
God, poor you goldie, hope you are doing okay now. I don't know the answer to your question, but didn't want to not answer. Have you tried the pregnancy forum on
Cowslip Posts: 761
A friend of ours had blood clots in her lungs during her pregnancy, and I know she had the epidural, but I don't know what she was taking for the blood clots. I had thought it was Warfarin or Heparin (I thought one of these was safe during pregnancy). Inohep is probably a form of Heparin is it ? There must be a way that you can get the should definitely talk it through with your consultant/gp.....
old Posts: 493
goldie2 My sister is 6mths pregnant with twins and has just been diagnosed with a blood clot on her lung. Just wondering if you have any advice or information. very worried...... :o( thanks.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Here's a fact sheet I found you can download as a PDF and print off. Might help. ... tsheet.pdf
old Posts: 493
Thanks Sphynx. I really appreciate it. :thnk
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Just realized that factsheet is a lot about clots in the leg. Found this about clots in the lungs: ... bolism.htm
old Posts: 493
Thanks again Sphynx. :thnk