Blood in sample

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Mumaholic Posts: 833
At my hospital appointment this morning there was blood in my urine apparently. Neither the midwife or doc put any pass on it, it was only when i got home i noticed it on my this normal or what does it mean?? Afraid to google!
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Possibly a kidney infection or UTI, is it sore to pee?
Mumaholic Posts: 833
No not at all bababoom, i actually feel better this week than i have done in the last 4/5 weeks!!
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
God I don't know then! If you're feeling good it mustn't be too serious but maybe give the hospital a call just to check? I notice the midwife never takes much notice of my urine samples either!
Hoping42 Posts: 536
Hi OverthemoonJune, when there was blood in my sample it was a kidney infection. I'm very surprised the doc didn't mention it - might be no harm to give them a buzz cos it usually means an infection that has to be treated, even if you are feeling well. HTH :wv
junebaby11 Posts: 89
Hey there Was it blood or white blood cells. Iv never had blood but i have had white blood cells for the last 3 visits. They usually send the sample off to be tested for infection and will let you know if there is any infection that needs treating. Doc told me it can be just caused by babs putting pressure on bladder and nothing to worry about
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
sometimes there could be blood in a sample if you were doing the do or it can be mixed with discharge. its not relevant if there is just blood in it. if their is blood and leucocyte or other things like protein thats when it could be a uti.