Blood in womb or shape of womb

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volvic35 Posts: 1118
Ladies just wondering if any of you have experienced the below. Rang my doc yesterday about having cramps and the brownish discharge I was having it wasnt much but she said to go into the coombe and get it checked out. So off I went with the H2B, there very nice in there, so the doc did an internal and then an internal scan she could see the sac but no babs yet she said by measuring the sac,Im only a little over 5 and half weeks pregnant, the only thing she was worried about there was a little shadow on the other side of my womb which she thought might be blood she said it could just be my womb or it could be a sign of early MC, so I've to go back in a week to have another scan by then we should be able to see the babs thats if I haven't had a MC by then , I've taken today off work to rest, my sis thinks I should take the whole week off and just get the GP to write me off for the week with flu as I dont want work to know yet, so the doc said its either Its just the shape of your womb and the babs should grow or its an MC. I just have to think whats meant for us wont pass us by
strangeangel Posts: 1269
The waiting is awful at a time like this. Wishing you all the best and hopefully it will turn out to be "just one of those things" - do take the time off work to rest if you can. Take care.
volvic35 Posts: 1118
Thanks for your reply I think I will take time off work
Wild Child Posts: 1694
Volvic - I'm so sorry you have to go through this its so hard the waiting and wondering.....I agree with Strange Angel I would take the week off too you wont be much use in work anyway as you probably wont be able to think of anything but the pregnancy I really do hope that everything work out for you I totally agree with the saying "whats meant for you wont pass you by"
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
volvic... I have no experience but I just wanted to send you a big hug. I know how horrible this waiting game must be. Try and take the time off work, keep busy, and stay positive for your wee bean... Keeping everything crossed that all will be well next week :xxx
Nadie Posts: 1111
Volvic I'm crossing everything for you too. Be kind to yourself and we'll all be thinking of you.
volvic35 Posts: 1118
Thank you girls for all the positive replies. Still no pains and no brownish blood, maybe its rest I need, Im hoping everything will be ok too, Ill keep you updated
Millie- Posts: 490
volvic - like the other posters have all said - i really hope and pray that everything will work out ok for you. i had a similar-ish experience. i went to my gp at 6 weeks with v v bad cramps. she told me it might be the beginning of a mis-carriage but to wait a week and then go in for a scan and that i'd be able to see more than. The waiting around for a week was really really awful, i did take time off work as i was too upset and worried to be in there. after the first day of freaking out it got a lot easier and i was able to put it out of my mind (to a certain extent). i went to holles street at 7 weeks and everything was ok. no explanation for the cramps though. I really really hope you have a similar outcome. like you, i genuinely believe whats for you won't pass you so hold onto that. take care of yourself chicken x.x
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Volvic, I have not experienced what you are going through adn please God it will be ok but... It's very early at 5 weeks to even see a baby or embryo. You would only be about 3 weeks pregnant so they will be able to see a lot more next week. I know of previous posters on other threads who got examined at 5 weeks and the doc could only see a sac and all was well with them. Also, the fact that you have not continued bleeding nor you are doubled over in pain is a good sign. I went through the mill as I told you before with clotting, red blood, brown blood and bad cramps at your stage and it all turned out fine. I also know of a friend of mine who had a similar experience to you where they couldn't see the baby at almost 6 weeks but all is fine. Fingers crossed for you hun...take the next few days off work and rest.
volvic35 Posts: 1118
Thanks ladies, well Im after sleeping a good bit today and Im going to get up and have lunch and chill still no pains or brownish discharge all going good so far, I think I might have been over doing it the last week or two.