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Baby Babs Posts: 2596
Volvic, I had bleeding at 5 and 6 weeks. I was scanned 3 times during this time. They found I had a haemotoma which was some blood in the womb, possibly as a left over from implantation. But there was also a question mark over if it was a twin pregnancy. Thankfully the pregnancy progressed with a healthy bean but I took time off because while I was positive as I could be I didn't want to be far from home in case anything happened. Well, I was scared and did my best to be positive but lots of follow ups with my doctor was very reassuring. It looks like a good sign that the bleeding has stopped and no cramping.
volvic35 Posts: 1118
Thanks for all the replies girls I feel alot better today I have to say BABY BABS, thank you for posting I thought I was the only one who had something like this, it was really bleeding, I only had it around 3-4 times after wiping from going the loo, it was more like brownish discharge, the type you'd get when your normal period would be coming to an end. baby babs, when you had your scan could you see a black shadow the only thing thats making me think its not an imp bleed is because its not beside the babs sac The rest today has really done wonders for me, I've no cramps or that discharge, felt a little sick earlier but sure that goes with pregnancy. Thanks again to all :thnk
serenity Posts: 3675
Hi Volvic35, Just a quick note to say am thinking of you and hope you are doing okay pet.... Am hoping the bleeding does not come back and that next Wednesday comes around real quick.... Take care pet .... :xox
Baby Babs Posts: 2596
Volvic there was a black shadow seen under the baby's placenta. But often the cause of bleeding is never seen. I also found my bleeding coming and going, once I thought it was gone only for it start red, seemed like the toilet was full, but it doesn't take much to see that affect. Doctor saw me again the next day for reassurance and signed me off then for another week. Just said take it easy, no marathon shopping trips but some gentle walks. Did I mention my womb was a funny shape too, or at least the sac looked L-Shaped? So I had plenty to worry about It's going to be a long few weeks but be positive.