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summerbride2010 Posts: 22
hi, can someone help me please, i was in my fsil last night and she was commenting on the swelling on my feet and i said i know they are big and they don't go down at all. so she has one of those bp monitors as she had to use it when she was having her twins last year. My bp was 124/84 and she said oh that is high enough. Is this true and should i go to my gp? also i am starting to find walking and sleeping on my back very painfull i have 14 weeks left. i was jsut reading antoher thread there and it said about having spd, could someone tell me what this stands for please so i could mention it to my doctor
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
124/84 is actually a fine bp normal is taken as 120/80 she is talking about pre eclampsia which is a combination of high bp, protein in urine and swollen ankles a high bp is taken as a reading where the systolic reading is 160 or above that the first figure (yours is 120 fine) and the dyastolic the second number (yours is 84 fine) is above 100 and definately above 110 [color=red:2nvi0k0f][size=150:2nvi0k0f]but contact doctor if worried and get test of urine for protein[/size:2nvi0k0f][/color:2nvi0k0f] spd is symphysis pubic dysfunction where you have severe pain in pelvis bone 2 types one where pain goes into back an dhips and other wher eit stays in pelvice bone mainly to joint at front ot can be caused by a hornmone relaxin which loosens joints causes rubbing and friction of bones hence pain esp when getting in out of bed, car walking keep legs together when turing in bed go to doctor if worries doctors call spd pelvic pain hope this helps oh yeah you probably know but when resrting keep feet up high above hear to aid draining [color=red:2nvi0k0f]seek advice from doctor[/color:2nvi0k0f]
theoracle Posts: 7664
Hi there. First to calm you down, 124/84 is not too high. It is quite normal to experience swelling in the warm weather, all part and parcel of being pregnant I'm afraid. I have v low bp but still swell up like a baloon when it is warm - my fingers are like sausages! :o0 Your bp will be checked for you at all appts anyway, do mention if you are suffering from headaches/blurred vision as these would be signs of pre-eclampsia. Re back pain, I haven't slept on my back for months, too uncomfortable and I also get pains - this can also be normal and if you do not have pains all day/regularly when up and about I wouldn't worry either, just avoid sleeping on your back. I get very stiff sometimes, and get a lot of pain when I just get up, but I carry quite a bit of weight on me so know that this is the contributing factor. If it is giving you a lot of bother mention it to your GP. It would not be connected to SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction), as this is associated with the pain at front of your pelvis. ... ysfunction
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi there, I was having awful pain from about 4 months turning in bed and I just thought it was part and pacel of being pg. Went to physio recently though and I don't have spd like I thought TG just my pelvis is under too much pressure on one side so she gave me a sexy girdle and some exercises and also advice on how to sit and stand etc. So definitely worth having something done with the pain but don't jump to the conclusion (like I did) that it's SPD. :wv
snowbear Posts: 2107
Hi there. I second what the others said about going to your doc if you are at all worried but if its any reassurance 140/90 tends to be the point at which they start to get worried about BP and you are under that. Worrying is also the one thing that pushes BP up!!! I'd say this weather is making a lot of people swell up too but again, if in doubt get it checked. The urine test for protein literally takes seconds. Mx
Marpat Posts: 1784
Try not to worry. I think they generally look at the figure being over 90 to show real concern. I would think the reading you had seems pretty good but chat to your dcotor if you're any way worried. When I was admitted to hospital on my first, my BP was 175/105 and that was regarded as just too high but it had been hovering around the 100 mark for a few weeks before this!
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I know your FSIL probably meant well but don't be listening to medical advice (particurlarly the advice that is of the dramatic and oh-my-god variety!!) from anyone other than your doctors or midwife!! Everyone seems to love being the bearer of bad / dramatic news to a pregnant woman! O:| Like the others have said, the BP reading you got was fairly normal, and those machines would not be as accurate as the ones in the doctors anyway. It'll be checked at every appointment ... it's only really a concern if it's combined with excessive swelling and protein your urine. My fingers are swollen with months, there was a trace of protein in my last few samples, but as my BP has stayed normal, they are not worried about me. Have just told me that if I start to get headaches to ring them straight away.
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i was in with consultant today and he said my blood pressure was slighty on the high side - nothing to worry about that and he said he'd just keep an eye on it. not back for another 3 weeks. it was 140/80