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MsWhite Posts: 94
I had to have blood taken yesterday in my local hospital for a blood count etc due to pregnancy. I never went to the clinic in the hospital before - it's like a 'blood room' where you just q up and a nurse takes the blood and away you go. Anyways, I went to where the room is in out-patients. There was no Q so I just took a seat. A nurse who was chatting on his mobile inside eventually hung up and kinda beckoned me in without saying much only 'sit there'. So he pulled out the needle from a box really roughly and I was thinking 's.hit, this isn't going to be pleasant'. I'm not too squeamish but not a fan of having blood sucked out of me either. He put the rubber thing on and started tapping on my veins on the inner side of my elbow. My veins are fine & were popping out at him. I looked away at this stage but he turned my arm over and proceeded to take blood from the upper side of my arm, just below my elbow. It was bloody sore (excuse the pun), right into my muscle on my forearm. Then he muttered something like 'this isn't working, I'm going to have to pull it out again' but before he finished his sentence he said 'ah here we go'. The needle site is seriously bruised today & I don't normally bruise with needles. >:o( Anyways, I'm just wondering, has anyone ever had blood taken from this area or is it routine? I think he was experimenting on me to be honest. And having a bad Monday! I felt like crying after I left the place for not having the courage to ask him what the hell was he at.
Sue79 Posts: 175
Hey Ms White, Firstly, I hope you are ok. I think he was probably a little but 'rude' if thats the right word to use. I have had blood taken from here a number of times and every time the experience is different, ie the bruises that are left vary widely. Normally if the needle goes too deep it causes as bleed on the other side of the vein (which I think is what has neft you with the bruise. Now I'm no nurse, but sometimes, you can be left with a bad bruise even if the blood is withdrawn correctly. Hope you are feeling better hun. I have all the to look forward to next week sue
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Yep, he seemed a bit rude but there are a few different areas to take blood from. Even though the vein was popping out the one he used may have been bigger, straighter. Usually when taking blood you'd have a good feel for a nice spongy vein too. Unfortunately bruising can happen which is usually caused by puncturing the vein. Also in order to reduce bruising you should keep pressure on the site and keep your arm straight for a few mins.
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Double post.
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
Unfortunately bruising is common with blood drawing, it does depend on the person as well as the nurse/doc drawing it. Sometimes when you put the needle in, it feels as though you aren't actually in the vein and if you move to pull it out suddenly the blood flows. I'd be more worried if you said he had tried a couple of times and failed. His bedside manner seems to have left a lot to be desired from what you've said. (I'm also assuming you mean on the top side of your arm at your elbow in line with your thumb.. if that makes sense>?) Sometimes you can get a good vein there too. I hate seeing nurses on their phones when they're on duty, its a pet peeve of mine. Mine is always on silent, and I only ever check it on my breaks. Hopefully your next experience won't be as unpleasant!
Steph2 Posts: 1044
I usually have blood taken from my inner arm, in the crease where my arm bends. Most times I'll have a bruise but it's generally never much bigger than an inch or so. Years ago, my old GP took blood in his surgery, and whatever he did, the pain was so excrutiating that I passed out!!! My Mam was with me when it happened, luckily. She said the colour literally drained from my body in an instant. I remember it being a horrible experience and afterwards I had abruise that extended the whole length of my forearm, right down to my wrist. It wasn't anything to worry about, but what it did do was create an awful fear in me. For years after, as a grown woman, I had to lie down to have blood taken and I could never go in on my own. I was terrified. It's only in the past couple of years that I find I have improved. My GP now is very gentle and I'm used to her so I'm getting better. I'll be having bloods taken today at the maternity hospital for the first time, and the fear is back because I don't know who will be doing them for me, and I'll have to give them the background details to why I'm so afraid, which to some nurses can seem a little pathetic. It probably is pathetic, it's just one of things that I can never shift. So I only hope that the same thing doesn't happen for you. Your arm will probably clear up over the next few days and you'll be just fine. Yer man who carried out the test sounds like a bit of a nasty divil!
MsWhite Posts: 94
Thanks so much for the replies. :o) I was probably being hyper sensitive but I didn't think much of his bed side manner - yer right there! Sweetbubbles, if I hold my arm out straight, it's in line with my index finger more or less, nearly my thumb. I spoke to a friend of mine who was saying she has bad veins and that she always gets blood taken from this area so I felt better after hearing that. It's still bright purple today but not too sore. If I have to go back near that place again I'll be avoiding him - that's for sure!
Teapot30 Posts: 32
MsWhite they will take blood from various different places, I did have blood taken from there before but it was an inexperienced intern who had tried many veins and couldn't get blood, after 4 attempts I just burst out crying as my arm felt it was going to fall off from the pressure of the rubber tourniquet. I was left with awful bruises. I have very good veins, but just got a person who had very little experience. Now when I get bloods done I just tell the person that I want it from the crease in my arm. A few have asked could they take from the back of my hand and I have just refused, as have let them do that before and found the veins are too small. At the end of the day, you know best what works for you. Have no fear ever about telling a nurse/doc that you don't want blood taken from a certain place.