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Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
I take a day off work and the shit really seems to have hit the fan around here big time. Had lots of stuff to do and only logged on this evening so that I could catch up with all the posts. Ok now a lot of people use this site to help them with their wedding and now and then dont mind if there is a bit of a laugh and a giggle to lighten the mood. Things seem to have got out of hand here lately with some multiple personalites etc. I know I am not a bride (was a bridesmaid) but I can understand how some of the girls must be pissed off with all the recent goings on
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hey Hopey, yeah you missed one mad day!! Was a bit like the twilight zone or something for awhile there!
pluppy Posts: 3519
i cant believe whats going on since i signed on today i got annoyed earlier with some of the posts, its terrible coz its great to be able to help newbies all excited about been newly engaged and then these (this) weirdo(s) try and spoil it all
MissieGold Posts: 1124
Flippin' stupid if you ask me. I ignored a certain poster for ages and still do my best not to be sucked in but this person annoys me so much I could tear his/her hair out! :twisted: better still break all [b:3olvdrk6]it's[/b:3olvdrk6] fingers so it can't type. (still not convinced that this person is married...or is even female cos if so she is giving us all a bad name) Think Fiona has made a mistake about Ella-May though. Always believed her to be genuine. Years ago someone (could have been Fiona - memory not the best anymore :oops: )suggested having moderators but it coused uproar at the time so idea was scrapped. Think it might be a good idea to re-think the idea given that most forums have them now anyway. Also a good idea would be if Fiona posted here more regularly and got involved in the general chit-chat, like Deb does on IWOL.Trolla are less likely to misbehave if the "Boss" is online :lol: Best thing all of us could do is to ignore all trolls - they are pretty easy to spot after all.
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Ya - i only logged in after 5 - it has been meeting central here today! But these ppl r taking the mick - I know Im not very active on the site but I like to read the proper stuff to get ideas, relise things I had never thought of etc .. I added fuel to the last fire and won't be doing that again - Ignoring them is the best way to go! One of these ppl may a horrible comment about someones weight - that really p*ssed me off no end - rise away (if thats what "they" into) but direct hurtful comments like that there is no need for....
pluppy Posts: 3519
i think there should be an option like on trip advisor to report inappropriate post and it gets sent straight to admin and they remove it if its bad some of the posts today were just awful
Chicken Licken Posts: 873
SHIIITTTEEEE.....miss one day cause of work and the forum goes ga ga!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: This work lark will have to take a back seat!!
Frankie Posts: 1571
OK - I just lumped on this thread first. What on earth is going on? Gonna try and catch up but if somebody would be kind enough to pm me - seriously this is not a joke. I got a message over on IWO that things were going screwy. Thanks girls Frankie
clairebear76 Posts: 568
i no it's all gone a bit doo-lalee, my computer crashed and is only up and runing i had serious withdrawls let me tell you! so they've sniffed out mulitpul personalites, what else has gone on???