bloody show - how much blood?

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groovee Posts: 529
hi girls, does anyone know how much blood should be in a bloody show? I had a little bit of blood in discharge last night. Not due til later this week ( i'm still working). No pains or anything and nothing this morning except a funky tummy but i think that might be nerves cos it shocked me a little. It was just a bit pink. No red but definitely a good bit of pink. Terrified the waters will go in work - god i'd die of embarassment!!
lolly2010 Posts: 707
The bloody show is the passage of a small amount of blood or blood-tinged mucus, can be pink or brownish. Usually after the bloody show you can expect labor in the next several days. Best of luck :wv
fizzbomb Posts: 198
Hi Groovee Sounds like a show to me. Id be taking myself off work right now if I was you. I had a wee tiny bit of pinky/red stuff - not much, a few days over maybe a day and a half and then it was labour time. It'll be any time for you now mrs. Best of luck and enjoying meeting your wee baby :wv
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
The midwife who did my antenatal class in Holles Street said the blood in a bloody show should be no more than a streak or two of red blood. She said anymore than that and you should be ringing the hospital about it. Hope this helps, best of luck Groovee!