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sokky Posts: 31
HI, Can anyone please advise me as this is driving me mad. My bridesmaids dresses are blue (kind of like a light sky blue) and I don't know what colour flowers to go for both for the bridesmaids and for me? I don't really want to go for blue flowers as apparently they are hard to get. All help appreciated! Thanks.
mcd08 Posts: 425
My friend had pale blue last September - gorgeous with brown detailing and their flowers were all pale cream with just little blue pearls (or stones of some sort) put into the centre of the roses. They were beautiful - hope that helps!
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
cream roses? or a really pale yellow maybe like a pastel shade.. or maybe just have loads of greenery as bouquets.. its easy enough to see what goes with that colour with this sky at the mo.. just look at everything and anything you like the colour of and compare it with the lovely sky out there and you'll see how well it goes.. xx kim xx
Dill Posts: 1640
Heya friend of mine had lovely turquoise bm dresses and went for cream roses in the bouquets, smaller for the BM's and bigger for hers. Looked gorgeous. x Dill
LoloOct08 Posts: 343
What about ivory/gold colour flowers. Maybe a mixture of slightly different colours in the range from light cream to gold/almost yellow. Just have a bigger one for yourself with maybe more of the gold or lighter ones depending on what colour your dress is. I can't think of anything more adventurous than that sorry!
sokky Posts: 31
thanks girls, my dress is ivory. One florist asked if i was adventurous and suggested light or lime green flowers. Would you think that would be mad with the blue dresses?
magnolia Posts: 153
My girls are in Sky Blue as well. Blue Hydrangea is a light blue to purple color flower. I haven't decided what other colors to get either....My dress is ivory. Most likely I will go with cream flowers, blue hydrangea, and greenery in my bouquet and the same but smaller for my girls. I think blue and a funky green color like lime would be great, but I am looking to spend as little as possible the flowers, so I'm going less chic and more cheap! I'm in November. Other color combinations that I think would look nice are: Blue and bright yellow (complementary) Blue and red (contrast) Blue and pink (complementary) Blue and dark purple (complementary) It depends on the time of year, too. I wouldn't choose blue & pink for an autumn wedding, but it would be lovely in spring. Best of luck!
sokky Posts: 31
Thanks Magnolia!, I'm getting married in the middle of July. Think I have finally made a decision!! to go for some sort of cream flowers for the bridesmaids and then a deep pink for me, maybe roses. Think that might work out ok. I, like you don't want to spend too much on the flowers so i'm going to keep it simple. Thanks for the advice.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I thikn cream roses or yellow roses sound like they would be lovely with blue dresses. *)