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newwifey Posts: 8
Hi Ladies Need your expertise! Finally got my dress today, didn't know it was going to be so difficult! Picked Rembo Neige (on bride to b dundalk website if anyone wants a look) Love the Rembo but it took a while to narrow it down to 1! What kind of bridesmaids dresses do you think will suit? I know there are some rembo fans on this site so maybe you have some ideas. I think accessories will have to be very simple, probably strappy sandels, just a bracelet. Probably flowers in hair. Any advice appreciated
notashotgun Posts: 492
LOVE THE DRESS- i tried it on but went for a different one in the end. i have a rembo dress too and have kept the BMs very simple, off the shoulder midcalf length very plain dresses..nothing too fussy or big will work beside the rembo bride i think, but if you have chosen a rembo dress you probably wouldn't have gone for anything fussy for BMs anyway. My dress is ivory and I am getting pearl earrings and i think a floating pearl necklace. the shop i got mine in offered to get me some extra flowers like the ones on the dress to put in my hair and they would be the perfect match... With your dress I think you don't really need much jewellery- flowers in hair and strappy sandals sounds great!
SpringBride Posts: 406
Hi Newwifey your dress is beautiful :D I love all the rembo, Im getting married next month and I have Rembo Manon, the BM's are in plain black dresses, very simple, Im not wearing a neck piece as theres one on the dress but will get a very simple bracelet for the arm and small pair of earrings, the dresses are so pretty they dont need much to accesorize them, let us know how you get on