BM Colours that are not brown, what are you having instead??

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funfizz Posts: 90
Every wedding I have been to recently has their BM's in Chocolate brown, and it is very flattering and suits the colour scheme etc... that its nearly my turn wondering if there are other good colour suggestions which would match a colour theme Or if anyone has any photos of bridesmaid dresses in other colours could they post them? Would love to hear what other people are doing!!!!
*seahorse Posts: 1122
I loved brown years ago but now its just too common! I'm going for a pale sage green or dusty pink. Also considered navy, turquoise &having 4 different colours
Mrs áthas Posts: 3488
had dark espresso brown dress for my sister and my bridesman wore a suit and shirt and tie, no dress! i am wearing (for my sisters) olive green and dark gold
funfizz Posts: 90
Yes Sage Green is definitely another colour I have been thinking about....and it matches other colours I also saw a wedding mag with BM's in dusty pink with large silver sashs around the middle with bows, which matched silver cravats that the groomsmen wore it was really nice Hmmm food for thought! Thanks!
deecossie Posts: 71
I'm looking for emerald green dresses every where, i will find the right one just think it is fab!!!
pinkbabe Posts: 540
I wore Red to my sis' wedding in October with a black trim black shoes n black n red roses in our hair. Looked Fab even if I do say so!!!
mrs.july Posts: 3167
i'm looking for a light green but can't seem to find the right fabric colour anywhere-the only thing that is similar to what i want is Dessy Meadow green.
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Ive gone with gold and then brown suits for groomsmen.
Cork_girl Posts: 525
I've got a dark red dress for my bm, picture doesn't do it justice: [img:3qz1j8j4][/img:3qz1j8j4] and gold sandals: [img:3qz1j8j4][/img:3qz1j8j4] I would never have thought about putting gold sandals with a red dress, but they look fab together. HTH.
sue27 Posts: 604
Light blue with silver shoes. Got the dresses from Next. They are getting their own shoes - in Austria having BMs is not the done thing, and my BM at home nearly killed me for paying for her dress, so we have agreed they'd get their own shoes. But I got them really nice jewlery to go with the outfits (and that they will definitely wear again).