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Mrs2be1988 Posts: 3
Hi all, I've used this forum quite a bit for research for my wedding and need a little bit of help. Has anybody every bought the Dessy twist wrap dress with a chiffon overskirt in the tutti fruitti colour. I'm thinking about getting them for my BM's but I'm not sure what they look like in reality. I was in a bridesmaid shop recently where the saleswoman said the dresses in the colours shown on the Dessy website are actually a bit darker than what they actually look like in reality. I want to be sure the colour isn't too pink before buying. Has anybody a picture of these dresses withe the chiffon overskirt in this colour I could see please? I would be forever thankful :)
ShinyBride Posts: 418
What shop were you in? Did they not have the dress in that colour? Maybe ring around a few Dessy stockists (Wedding World, Town Bride) and see if they have any dress in those colours and materials and you could take a look?
Mrs2be1988 Posts: 3
I was in 4 different shops. Was in wedding world but they didn't have that particular twist dress in that colour in store. It's so hard to tell from the tiny little swatch of fabric though as the top of the dress is jersey material whereas the bottom of the dress is a chiffon overskirt. I'm in a bit of a rush to get the dresses so I was hoping if anybody was a BM or used them for their own wedding it would be great if they could send on a pic of the dress. Thanks for your advice :)
ShinyBride Posts: 418
Ah right, I thought maybe you could do some jiggery pokery with a couple of dresses, holding one over another, etc but I see what you mean. Best of luck, looks like a fab dress anyway.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Did they have any chiffon dress in the Tutti Frutti colour? You'll be lucky to find your exact dress in your exact colour - I know you say there's the two fabrics, but I saw the twist dress in sapphire and there was very little difference in the shade of the jersey fabric and the chiffon - if it was me, I'd hunt for a chiffon dress in your colour and if it's right, I'd buy them