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DollyBird14 Posts: 134
Hey Everyone I wonder if anyone can give me some advice or help please. So far all my wedding planning has gone very smoothly with the minimum of fuss. But I am finding trying to find the BM dresses an absolute nightmare! We are getting married on 31st May 2014. So if we are going to go the bridal shop route I would really need to be ordering the dresses shortly. The Bridal shop in Cork that seems to offer the best value is The Ivory Rose in Passage West. There are a couple of dresses in there that are grand, but it is so hard to decide which colour would be nice from the tiny samples that they have. All the bridal shops in Cork seem to be the same. Saying that we haven't seen any BM dresses that were gorgeous, they're all only ok, very plain. Is that the way BM dresses are supposed to be? For the price of them I was expecting them to have a bit more of a wow factor. I'm not a fussy person, everything else for the wedding we've picked out no problems. I was so proud of myself for being so chilled out about it until now :D I think the problem as well is that I'm having 4 bridesmaids, and the 4 of them couldn't look more different from eachother. They range in size from 10 to 16/18. So what looks good on one, doesn't look so good on another. I'm also finding picking out the colour hard. Did anyone else have this problem? I was hoping to get a nice summery pink, as any wedding I've been to over the last few years have all had blue or purple BM dresses, and so I just wanted to be a bit different, and pink would be my fav colour anyway. But the pinks in the colour samples all seem to be a bit in your face. I hate that I am getting so stressed out over BM dresses, feel ridiculous when there are much bigger things going on in the world! :D But its actually giving me a headache now at this stage. Just want to have that box ticked. Would it be worth my while to wait until the new year to see what Coast, Debenhams etc have for the Summer? Or would I be silly to take that risk, as it would be too late to go the bridal shop route then? Any advice would be much appreciated. My head is wrecked. Thanks in advance! :)
Wedding dressparty Posts: 55
Hope you are well. Many thanks for your email. I provide dress maker services for bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses. The dresses are made per measurements to ensure the best fit. What is your email address? I can email you a few pictures of the dresses I made for your reference. I look forward to hearing from you. 086 722 8343