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Leftbank Posts: 2395
Hi girls I'm in love with this dress but not seen in flesh yet, am bit concerned bout the back tho is it a bit risque for the church. If this wont paste can some one help pls..
candypants Posts: 8575
The dress is absolutly stunning :lvs :lvs BUT, for BM's id steer clear. Its a bit to "saucy" for a church me thinks :-8 The poor priest wont know where to look :o0 Its a dress, that "that stunning looking cousin who's a size 6" would wear to a wedding. Im a size 12 and wouldnt be comfortable wearing that with my back to the church, with my bits spilling through :o0 If you BM's feel comfortable you could always wear it with a shrug over it for the church part if you really wanted it and they didnt too. HTH :wv
walkabout Posts: 41
here you go. stunning dress [img:v9h5c0y4][/img:v9h5c0y4] [img:v9h5c0y4][/img:v9h5c0y4]
masie 09 Posts: 78
Beautiful dress, but i think it would be more suitable for a guest than BM's...sorry
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
I wouldn't agree its too saucy - the straps across the back make it less bare IMO - if your BMs have the figure for it. Plenty of backless wedding dresses out there and its not like theres any builders crack going to be happening!! :o0 The only thing i would be worrying about in choosing those dresses is that it might be a pattern that dates quickly, otherwise i like-ie!!
kookiegal Posts: 1150
I don't think that's an appropriate bm dress at all and anymore than one of those dresses in the one vicinity would be garish in my opinion. Sorry!
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Hi Girls Thanks a mill for replying. I am seeing both sides also. Think will try and get one or 2 to try on and report back. Would def get a bolero for church part tho alright.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Lovely dress, though I don't think it'd be suitable for a BM. More suited to a guest all dressed up? Though another poster said it could be accessorised with a shrug or something. You know your BM's best and your own personal style best so if YOU like it, then you go for it. Good luck!
Bakeswife Posts: 1098
I think its gorgeous too but again i think its a bit too cut away at the back to be appropriate,its a gorgeous dress though....i wouldnt mind one myself.... :wv