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msc7182 Posts: 172
Hi Guys, Am looking for Bridesmaid dresses that arent too bridesmaidy! Found this online, cant decide whether i love it or hate it! Be brutally honest- I love the idea of the sequins, but i just dont know are the sequins overkill on this and make it look a little tack? I dunno! Honest opinions Guys really!- Im tough!!![attachment=0:heqnkmlt]Bm Dress.jpg[/attachment:heqnkmlt]
sawyer Posts: 355
I think they are lovely. I you like them then go for it. If they were satin dresses or quite fitted then I think the sequins would be too much, but I think the chiffon material, the fact they're flowing and the pale colour counteract the sequins and make the dresses quite elegant, but still different from the norm. Hope that all made sense ^^^
Xxcitedwife Posts: 835
i really really love the dress, honestly its perfect for a bridesmaid..................but my only critisim(sp>?) would be that the model looks very very pale/gaunt in it, in my opinion. Are your bms or the same colouring? i think it would be stunning on someone of darker skin and hair-even a bit of false tan! ;o)
perfection Posts: 837
i think its a lovely dress but not for my bms... ied want my dress to really stand out thats why i went for burgandy/red 3/4 length bm dresses and mines ivory long and fabulous.... the colour is too fairyish and would just blend in with a wedding dress...ied wear that on my hooneymoon... now if i went to a wedding and the bms had that dress on i would say oooo arnt there dresses lovely but i just dont think it would make the bride totally the bride on the day iykwim
fuzzy123 Posts: 473
I think the dress is nice but the material and the dress are too close to a wedding dress for me ya dont want your bridesmaids to take away from you!!
28-sept-10 Posts: 1832
i think there lovely dont think the sequins are tacky at all
roma2011 Posts: 1208
Fab dress. Do you mind me asking where it is online?
Cowhands Posts: 564
I think they are absolutely stunning! Wish I was one of your bmaids!
bridey99 Posts: 550
To be brutally honest I don't like the colour. The style is lovely and the bling is OK but that colour is extremely difficult to pull off unless you have very sallow or black skin. Even the model in the photo looks like she is fading into the background in it. Would your BMs be tempted to overdose on fake tan to compensate?
paperclips Posts: 3146
Love the style and love the colour! You should go for it if you 100% happy with them :o)ll