BM dresses arrived in wrong sizes

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Leftbank Posts: 2395
Hi girls I collected my dresses yesterday (had 2 of the 5 girls with me) and they did not fit in the shop when they tried em on. Panic immediately set in, came home and my sis tried on hers and it is also too small. I have been in tears for the last 24 hours and in such a panic. I was in such a state of shock in the shop that i just paid and left, she told me oh we'll get extra material,it'll be grand dont you stress i'll stress. She is gonna charge me also for the extra material and informed me my 2 friends must have put on weight. This did not happenn.. I went to a dressmaker and she told me there is major work to be done and they are all gonna have to changed (she has 2 of the 5) Any comments on how i should broach this with the shop owner, i paid over a grand for these dresses and she knows there is a problem.. Stupidly i had heard this shop had a repuatation but i had no probs with her and was pleasant to deal with at the time..
hurry2011 Posts: 281
That is such bad news! especially so close to the date! O:| i would tell her that she needs to pay for the alterations and perhaps give your solicitor a quick call just to get some advice? or citizens advice are great for free advice-but they may put you on hold for about 15 mins!!!! can you pm me the name of the shop? i see you are from cork and i got my dresses in cork also. my dresses are due in 2 weeks and if its the same shop i want to ensure my bms are with me to ensure they fit before i hand over rest of money. i am not getting married until august so I have time if something goes wrong. I really feel for u!! keep us updated to how u get on! :action32
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Hey Just pm'd ya..
vulgarpicture Posts: 571
Thats a terrible thing to happen, hope you got it sorted and your not stressing too much!! Sorry i have no advice for you, but i can offer a big virtual hug!! :action32
maltabride2011 Posts: 987
That's awful, you poor thing!! There is no way you should have to pay for the alterations, I imagine they need quite a lot of work if you had to buy extra material, that will cost a lot more than what you should have had to get done iykwim! It's a pain that you've paid (altho I would prob have done the same thing, you were in shock!) as the shop owner will probably be less helpful with you, but I would definitely get straight back onto her and inform her how unhappy you are and you expect her to help out with the cost of alterations! Fingers crossed for you hun! x :action32