BM dresses from America

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lbolton Posts: 292
Hi girls, this was probably discussed but ive been looking at getting my BM's dresses from America online. When entering the sizes, do you put in UK or American sizes?? i dont have a clue!! :o0 thanks! :thnk
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
I went by the sizing chart of the designer.
miss scarlett Posts: 20
:lvs hi, if possible get a dressmaker to measure ur BM's, i bought mine from an American site found them to be very helpful if you contact them. Use the designers sizes as they are so different from ours. Good luck enjoy looking O:o)
Blossam Posts: 76
i got my brides maid dress on line from america,i went with our normal sizes i.e. size 14 and had no problem, i did however order one size up just in case you can always get a dress taken in. also keep in mind to budget for tax on goods inported to ireland you'll have to pay this at the post office when collecting goods.
lbolton Posts: 292
thanks girls! some designers sizes are just 10, 12, 14 etc so didnt know if its our sizes or American sizes! i know there is a charge of $70 for 4 dresses for shipping....phantombomb, how much do you have to pay for import?? im going to get the girls to try on a couple of the styles here 1st and get them measured!
Blossam Posts: 76
its cost me 130e fot importing them, its complusary all info is on the box including prices that how it valued. if you ring on post they can tell you exact so you can budget for it. i didnt and its these little expendences that add up.