BM Dresses from USA?

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b2bjuly2010 Posts: 23
Hi all, first of all I know I haven't written many posts here but over the past few months I have become completely addicted to this site, visit it at least twice a day and would like to thank you all for all your information! :thnk I am in the process of buying/ordering BM dresses at the moment. I am having 4 BMs so looking for ways to cut down on costs so was thinking of ordering from the USA. Can anyone recommend a particular site? I was looking at or anyone have any dealings with them or recommend any other sites! Thanks in advance :o)ll
streaks Posts: 3592
Hi, will be doing the same thing as you will either order from gownsales or house of brides, know brides who have ordered from these and been successful, haven't heard of those sites mentioned so can't be much help there :wv
cosmogirl Posts: 22
I got my BM's dress from gownsales. Dress arrived month ago and it's brill. Worked out half price of buying it here. :thnk Found dress in bridal shop here and BM tried it on etc. so knew exactly what to expect!
b2bjuly2010 Posts: 23
Thanks for the replies girls, I have seen the posts on gownsales which are all very positive. My problem is I was hoping to order venus BM dresses, and gownsales and house of brides don't seem to stock them? Just afraid to order from the other two with no feedback on them, but the prices are just so good, so worth a try. :o)ll This is the one I was thinking but in cadburys purple and heather sash: ... 3670-1.jpg
proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
like cosmo girl, I bought my 2 BM dresses from Gownsales. Haven't heard of the 2 you mention but thats not to say they are not as good. I got my dresses in Sept, had ordered them in July. Fantastic, colour and size. I got 2 dresses inc postage for the price of one dress here. I had the girls try them on also in a shop before ordering and knew the details of what to order. We have our first fitting this weekend so a little nervous. I got them bigger than the girls so its easier to take in than take out. One of them has tried it on and its big on her so that's a good sign.
b2bjuly2010 Posts: 23
Hi Mrsfriel2b, Thanks for reply. Oh best of luck with your fittings, you must be getting so excited now only 7 a bit weeks, A Christmas Wedding I presume, lovely!! :o)ll ya will definitely be going bigger in size, can always be altered.Would love to have them ordered now to look forward to them arriving, took me long enough to pick a colour! Think I will just bite the bullet and order from one of the sites! :o)ll
fifi09 Posts: 414
I also bought my 4 Bari Jay BM's from gownsales. Couldn't fault them in anyway and I didn't even get charged any customs on them. Got all 4 for under 600. Had been quoted 320 each for them here :thnk
MrsRich2B Posts: 240
Hi - i just orderd my BM dresses from House of Brides. The 3 BM tried them on in the bridal shop and was quoting me €330 each but now only costing me about €450 for all three dresses plus frieght and insurance. Hopefully they will be ok - should arrive with me Mid Jan!!!
chell Posts: 25
hi girlies, hi ordered and recieved my 4bm's dresses from house of brides. got quoted 250 for one here and got the 4,with delivery and custom charges for only 500. they are beautiful. was on a website called jay's bridal,they have a lot of testimonials from irish brides.. have a peek and see what you think.. best of luck.. :wv
Snoopy1979 Posts: 73
My first post :wv I just recieved my dress from They also do Bridemaids dresses. My dress is lovely have 12 months to wait now till i wear it. Dont forget you will be charged by customs when bringing stuff in from USA